Saturday, October 31, 2009

how was my last day at 29?

glad you ask... the littlest baby in my world awoke at 5:30 (no big deal, i usually do too, but i was hoping for a good "hear myself think blog post" NO SUCH LUCK! but i did post with the help of bouncing that angel on my knee, pulling his sweet hands from the keys and deleting what he kept pressing.... i gave up and didn't read any of YOUR blogs and headed to feed the lil' ranger his breakfast (oatmeal pears, and cinnamon of course, with a side of cereal bar, and some warm formula...yes... i did get my coffee delivery from daddyo as i do everyday) I then went to get this baby a clean dry diaper and so fresh clean, something cozy due to the rain (thats right....still raining here) and BAM!  the lil' lamb had a terrible rash up and down his legs-  being the laid person i am on most occassion, oh no big deal, he was all over the yard last night i bet its just pine straw pricks and pine cone little things.... done and done.  i let him play in the bath for a sec. and continued on my mission to dress the ranger in something cute and cuddly.   Miss Silvia shows up right on time as usual, this is good, thank you miss silvia, because after 5 seconds of the lil' ranger playing he looked rather street childish and dirty as a pig... You can almost feel my blood pressure rising, can't you?  i can't stand EVERYTHING house on the way to clean now thanks to silvia, my baby some kinda something on his legs, his oufit...well, nasty!!! its 8:15 now in the morn... daddyo has kissed us good-bye and told us "call me in a little while".  we had big lunch plans, we enjoy doing lunch together OUT some weekdays and we do lunch together everyday at home   (which i ask him last night "when the kids are in school, it will be weird when you come home for lunch and its just us (table for two)" his reply "yes, it will be so boring, i will miss all three indians very much and miss our playtime, they always do something that it:  swing, sandbox, play ball, chase... yes, daddyo looks a little unpressed when he returns but hes used to it now and only complains on rainy days, ha!"
 back to the morning... 8:15 still, my nasty but precious, rashy, full of breakfast ranger is so happy and playing contently so i head back to the study to check email (i noticed earlier the boys photo proofs were IN) so i barely get through one of them when miss allie walks in....  still in my pjs, sure i could have been on the ball, dressed and ready to go, but that would have been way too put together... was my timeline JAMMED with no time to spare?  of course... did i grab my coffee and sit down and chat with miss allie for 30 minutes?? check check.  as i mentioned before i love allie, she is come to be a friend of mine so i have to be in the know of her life... i know too much not too!!!  
FINALLY, i throw on some running clothes and head out the door.  Oh forgot to mention i had to wake my oldest babies up at 8:15 (i shouldn't have but if they sleep past 7:30 i worry about them) and leave them with allie, un dressed, un fed, etc. i don't do that readers!  i have them dressed, fed, with snack readily available.... its that crazy part of me, so the whole time running i am thinking "gosh, what if they wanted warm cinnamon rolls, i hope allie remembers how the lil' hornet likes his milk and hes so funny about his clothes and shoes, shoot.. i hope the monkey picks something that half way matches to wear today.  my mind was cleared though...i ran right over a dead cat....if cats aren't scary enough for me, a dead one is sure as hell scary (i am NOT a cat girl in the smallest amount) but my run was fine and the shower was better, while drying my hair with NO ONE there....the boys chose allie to play with over me... i was so lonely so i did what any crazy mommy would do, "who wants to spend the morning out with me running some errands and do lunch out with daddy??"  charlie answered first because i said it too fast for the hornet to understand and whitmore is a baby so he didn't know what i was rambling about.... sill not dressed he ran screaming "find my shoes mom" why do moms have to find everything??and out the door we went, the other babies didn't mind, allie has that effect on them!
with an uncharged phone, still having nothing to drink after my long run, and "has my monkey even had breakfast?" we headed to pick up some art for over my fireplace, too big to fit in the suv, and the artist added "wow, you have one, two, three carseats?  oh my three boys? you are a busy mamma?" i know lady so shove those in my car and be gone!!! meanwhile i have lost my monkey who has wondered down the way a bit, but don't worry i call his name, he comes first time, jumps in and can buckle himself... life is good!!! oh the the artist wanted to deliver them personally after she saw my version of "shove"
by this time, my time is expiring, i couldn't possibly finish the long list of errands (the last item read "pick up wine at western....20% off")  i have tried to call allie, i forgot to tell her to feed my lil' ranger lunch and where i put it?  she didn't answer. oh well, hes cubby and could stand to wait a minute or two, poor allie!  So the monkey and i ran ONE more errand (thats right, i paid a sitter, who i can hardly call a sitter, a friend, to keep the babies for 4 hours and i ran TWO errands.... one was art, the other was to pick up a papertowel arm (that i ordered in august and wanted BEFORE the lil' rangers Christening) to go on our outdoor potting bench deal (so cute i can't wait for daddyo to attach it) I dialed up daddyo and told him to head to lunch, so the three of us enjoyed our lunch together..... the boys talked about hunting the whole time and a little football.   After two balloon loses, the first one came with the response "oh well, i didn't really want a balloon anyway, the nice man just gave it to me" the second lose was not as smooth" it was a sad cry and if i wasn't in such a hurry i would have snatched him up, went and got another one, and comforted him....but i was in a rush (allie had to get to hospital on time!) so i said "sorry love, you knew not to let it go, we will get another one next time, close the door hard so when i get in later the battery won't be dead like last time" Allie, ranger and my hornet are alive, silvia is gone, the house is clean.  aaahhhh!!! oh and the artist has delivered her artwork, i don't think she wanted me shoving it in my car like that, ha!

the rash on ranger looks aweful, i called my mom (i know..... but i did) then i called the dr. and off we all went to pick up all kinds of illness from the sick kids there... whatever!  turns out we don't have any disease, sickness, we are allergic to penicillion well the lil' ranger is anyway (i cant spell that one, its too early and i am not going to try) good to know we don't have have what my friends had already labeled "hand foot and mouth disease", that just sounds gross so we are healthy and halloween will go on.... dinner was far from being planned, we had sitters cancel on our costume party plans (which was fine, our week was so crazy it may be nice to stay home one night)  Needless to say, wine poured, a good movie to watch sitting there on the counter..... i went to tuck the monkey in (which only i can do) and fell asleep at 7:15... thats right, i awoke at the normal 5:30ish and heard the sweetest sound (happy birthday mama! as monkey rolled over and went back to sleep) i ran down here with new town and country magazine in hand and instead thought i would blog instead.... i sit here in the dark, ALONE, with already a birthday wish.... the 30's have started off good!!!  i am missing my mom and dad though, i know they are up and my dad has coffee brewing, my brewer is still snoozing and probably missing me and wondering what happened (he knows.... it happens sometimes) oh but i did get some adorable things in the mail......which made my day a little better!!!

look at these little booties to keep my lil' ranger's feetsies warm and the socks in place, nothing worse than a sock saggin' baby!  i love the fabrics she used.

sippy cup labels... i labeled every darn one of them... i was kinda driving me crazy that random cups said "charlie"

the first two are shirts..biggest brother, middle brother, and the last pictured above is a romper "itsy bitsy brother" i can't wait to put this on them!!

and i got this unexpected surprise too from my hubbys sweet uncle... a snuggie...thats right! And i can't wAIt to wear it, its cozy AND its PINK.... but i think the favorite was his card.... "my wish for you...Nowhere to go and all day to get there!"  I don't know about having NOwhere to go but i for darn sure need ALL day to get there......  thats my birthday wish exactly!!! happy birthday to me!

oh my goodness, my boys won't wear band'aids but if yours will.... nothing could be cuter!!  i am going off to enjoy my day... and as i type and watch the sun rise i am noticing my front yard looks WHITE, NO, readers i live in the deep south, its NOT snowing....   I am off to clean up the yard now and await all my boys (the dogs have been with me this whole time so its just the other boys) to get up!!! see when i fell asleep in monkey's bed, my guard dogs won't go to bed without me (kinda sweet) so they too slept outside monkey's bedroom door and as always greeted me first thing tails wagging..... happy 3-0 to me!!!  old as dirt.

Friday, October 30, 2009

whatever the question....

COSTUMES are ALWAYS the answer
according to Olivia anyway, a cute little pink pig who i love so, (who appears everyday on noggin at 3 o'clock for any of you fellow mommies with non-napping babies), but NOT according to the little hornet in my house....

that may be grounds for a call to child services... but after a shot at three different costumes with and without hats... we i am fine with our clothes and my hornet will be well....less of a hornet on halloween day and more of the precious angel he is wearing his normal "outfits" as he refers!!!
Do a whole 180 to my monkey who lives in fireman costume half his life?  we are thinking we may need to get the child some more dress up things, policeman perhaps???  but it won't be this christmas because our list has been checked off and wrapped and put away for THE day.... just hope they are good for the duration before so Santa doesn't take them back or better yet stomp them into pieces on a bad day (just kidding readers, i am not crazy.....yet, your right i may be but i would never stomp the babies toys...on purpose)

so big, so proud and couldn't wait to find these guys

yes, they planned this with their own little four year old selves and are still going at it as i type at john's house

oh and miss thing herself looking ever so princess-y! But more the super-girl type girl, maybe thats what my monkey likes:  her laid backness, ability to hang with the boys (which she does, the is the 4th in the trio of boys mix), and her UN-princess-like personality.  i could eat her up! I had to cut around her because apparently the super-girl costume didn't come with any bloomies and her angelic skivies were hanging out, your welcome pumpkin!
When i got back to host the toddler's room party later that morning i had to awake my littlest prince and had to take a shot at him since i was toting the camera anyway...

cruising around the corner to my lil' hornet's class, i caught a glimpse of this silly sight, look how excited he is... he loves his school if you can't tell, look at that haircut (it should be a DON'T in the world of moms rules for cutting baby boys hair)

another girl i adore is this one... who you have already met... and she is thinking this is silly and i am getting a little messy, wipe please! NOW!!!  And look, for a moment, my lil' hornet is trying his best to spread the icing just like i showed the class- i am so proud!!

STILL no wipe for miss priss and my little man has figured its all going same place so i will just lick the icing off the spoon!!

here is the rest of lil' hornets class... so sweet!! what did i do with my lil' ranger you ask?  well, i put him in the floor of the classroom and exposed him to H1N1, the fever virus, and the common cold no less.  (No mom, no one is sick in hornet's class, he will be fine!) And no, he doesn't match his older brothers but you all know my issues with babies in black and the big boys are sporting this color for the last time today..... (and that on my lil' hornets arm is the tracks from terrance the tractor and mark my word i will be out for blood looking for that thing later this month)

my keys were found and the lil' hornet attempted to bail on us, if he could have just figured out which key fit... yes, i did indeed leave the keys in the hallway of the school (lucky for me, supergirl's mom found them and paid me a visit at home (we walked home to those who are wondering how i got my brood home) so atleast i got to sneak a peek at that angel pictured above again)

look at those shirts they made today, so cute!!!  Is the hornet a wiz kid or is it just that easy to sponge paint on a shirt?  another proud moment for me, will he sport it again, probably not but i will think saving it in the tupperware labeled art 2009.
And when i got home, toting two babies and a halloween load of treats (which was more like a trick for me... thanks but NO thanks!) i found this fun surprise and my sweetheart of a hubby too!  See readers, its not just me, everyone likes to celebrate something all the time at my house, and when its someone's birthday we live and breathe birthday for almost a whole month (my monkey just ask me what the countdown to baby Sam's was..... its february folks, we got awhile.  He also threw in that he made me something that is ever so special but he can't reveal until my real birthday, so sweet)

if you haven't?  then you should, enough said about these tasty treats

it brought smiles to my face seeing this little hornet engulf them like nobody's business.... music to my eyes and ears to see my boys happy!!! I know how to do it for everyone tomorrow...miss allie is coming AGAIN.... we can't get enough (you couldn't either if you knew her,  shes the best!) Allie ALWAYS brings smiles to everyone in my house, even my hubby...she is easy on the eyes and it usually means we are going to do something fun; although, i do wish she would come to chat more often...i could talk with allie all day long.  So, tomorrow we are having a "day" "morning" to celebrate my last dance at 29, you are right i have a couple more days but like i said we LIKE to celebrate, we will do lunch and do a little art hunting...kinda...more so enjoy a day morning "off" so to speak from all we have going on...which is A LOT!!!! if i don't mind saying so....

Thursday, October 29, 2009


to whom it may concern,

    if i have to look at this little face ONE MORE time and make up an excuse of why he can't get to lolly's house AGAIN today.... (dad says not to bring the boys, it makes it worse when mom can hear them and not get to them, etc. etc.) not to mention 3 little boys isn't exactly relaxing and for sure don't put the mind at ease.

and then to hear our middle baby repeat her name OVER and OVER, thinking that maybe just maybe if my monkey begs and he repeats her name 3 times she will appear...... keep dreamn' this will come true soon boys!!!
so as you can see we are ALL missing lolly (and big daddy too!) They ask me atleast once or twice a day thinking this will be the day when i say YES, you get to go to lollys...
Yesterday my biggest baby was pretty sure the truck ahead was big daddys and even more sure that i wasn't going fast enough to catch up with him and IF i did catch up with them he was for darn sure his lolly and big daddy would snatch him out of the car and rescue him from it was NOT big daddy and lolly and the sad face came back... Due to lack of lolly playtime and lack of sleep, no napping,  we have had minor breakdowns from our biggest baby because "he is 100% sure he has yet to tell lolly what he was going to be for halloween"  "and more than that sure knows he needs to go and water the fall flowers he and lolly planted with the help of big daddy lifting the flats of flowers" (the day before her back surgery)
Anyway, mom, we are thinking about you CONSTANTLY and the boys are kinda learning how to help each other so that their mommy doesn't LOSE them on halloween (it gets so dark and all and if they act like they did two days ago....)

using a fork appearing to be somewhat mannerly, oh yeah, he is still standing up (one thing at a time)

helping lil' ranger up the step that once a day (ATLEAST) almost kills him

i am going to say monkey is going for a kiss good-bye before school and not a slam down of this angels head??

even the dogs are helping out, thanks bay bay, this step is ever so appealing to this lil' guy!!

this is a happy boy due to the sharing of this fantabulous hat my monkey made, i have questioned what in the heck it is several times ("its a really neat Halloween hat mommy that you can wear if it rains".....  i am questioning why in the world we pay a bonified teacher with a masters in art, really???) but sharing it none-the-less means alot or means he doesn't give a rip about it, either one!

this is a picture of the other dog NOT helping me out.... which is par for this dog i might add.  this lil' lamb is OBSESSED with his doggies and can't think about eating lunch and we had about 10 minutes to eat and get to my biggest babies fall program (yes, we made it! and my monkey was so great and daddyO and i were so proud- we love you charlie! i admit i was heartbroken for mom that she couldn't be there....if you know my mom, there is NO place she would rather be than front row of the program and my greatest aunt said she was going to scale down the info. about it as not to sadden our lolly anymore)

look at those adorable boots keeping my lil' lamb's feetsies warm

these are just random shots...but looking back i have about 100 of the first two boys eating their "first cereal bites" and this last angel started eating cereal about 6 months ago...but better late than never... here he is enjoying some chicken salad, in NOt a high chair but a booster seat, thats right, on the counter stool that could easily tip over.... very much a third child... loved like no other!!!!
Our hearts will go on missing mom for now.  We had a doctor visit yesterday at mom's house, he said we are moving and grooving right along so that is good.  mom and dad have been able to enjoy a little teeny bit of tv time together and dad is hanging in there all the while..... Still awaiting our big break on recovery!!! thanks to all you fellow friends and family for supporting my mom and dad with these yummy meals, flowers, prayers most of all, etc. etc.
Holly and I are planning on writing moms thank you notes to show how VERY much we are blessed to have all of you in our lives and to take that off mom's plate when she is feeling good.  So... hold your horses... holly is very much pregnant with my angelic niece and starting up a company and i am, well, just crazy busy with fall things (the lambs, church fall festival went GREAT last night and we had a good time) and the boys but am awaiting the sweetest note cards EVer in the mail to write these on so don't get your undies in a wad, i know women (notice i didn't say older women) and their thank you notes, ha!!

for the love of fabric

i got to go here the other day...

 i go so often but its been awhile... i am sad to say, actually very sad, (but know my hubby is oh-so-thrilled) to be done with fabric for my happy home!
so... running a tid-bit late, as we are getting accustom to lately and which i hate, i am an ON TIME person and if you are meeting me, i would like you to be that way too please!!!!
anyway, i dropped my biggest babies off for a couple hours at mothers day out and as quick as i could dial i canceled lil' rangers appointment at the gym (yes, we have to make "playroom" appointments for them to keep the boys while i attend the gym) And me and my littlest baby b-lined to the fabric store... i walked in at the sight above and just stood there..... "hello, beautiful fabrics, i have missed you.  Please sneak into my house tonight (or ANY night) and surprise me, i will find somewhere to work you into the decor thing we got goin' on"
Trying to be timely due to my meeting and my monkey's school program and a shower (lack there of..) i was only going to go for what i "needed" i like to say needed very loosely at this point.... but i do need this fabric, i promise!!! i just HAD to stand and look and feel each fabric on my favorite isle...

linen, burlap, cotton. oh my.
sticking to my guns and time line... i snatched up a couple that seems to work well for my need and went with them (this will be for the cushion for the french antique crib of which i am using as a settee due to the fact we already have two cribs in our house and WON"T need another) if you don't remember scroll back a bit (still learning how to link all together, surely you don't mind the effort), it was one of the birthday happys i treated myself with a couple weeks back, thanks self!!!

being resourceful person i "try" to be.... i pulled the cow fabric which i used 4 years ago on monkey's daybed skirt, now a crib skirt for whitmore but.... his crib looks fine with no skirt (and cribs are short time things AND i am a little shocked i spent 38 dollars a yard on it 4 years ago.... SO SO first child- bless the other babies at my house, so i am using this fabric for the third time for something different... If i have not confused or lost you and your still reading... I am ripping this cow fabric daybed skirt now a crib skirt off as soon as lil' ranger wakes up and shipping it to my workroom and it will then become a long beautiful bolster pillow the length of the settee (which by the way i LOVE the look of this and wish i would have done it on my bed).... The darker brown will be the cushion for the settee, self corded (whitmore's window treatments are same chocolate with plaid valances so i went for plain there) and the stripes are for a square pillow to balance the look and will add a 2" flange of dark red to pull that color.. oh and i found the cutest leather looking buttons to go on the 18" pillow too!! i can't wait to tell mom but for now she can't stay awake long enough to listen to me ramble about silly things like fabric.  speaking of resourceful.. DaddyO i saved 20% too!!!! All of this done for the bargain price of 90 dollars, thats right pillows too!!!!  so no workout, settee done (or fabric bought anyway), with an hour to burn, a happy baby, and a hunger for more fabric... we cruised to another love of mine....

cutest baby fabric ever....

i pulled a couple fabrics to match the babies to what pants my oldest monkey already had and found some adorable stuff... I CAN"T WAIT to see it made and put together!!!

look at that will look great around my patch on the babies bubbles...don't you think?

look at this little guy i found on the way out the door...after seeing this sweet face...i took my fabric and went home... will post on these cute outfits when done!
by the way i DO NOT carry a camera around with me everywhere i go... but do have a phone handy and if we are going to get any closer with this blog relationship, i thought i would have to disclose my love of fabric.