Monday, January 31, 2011

shakedown street

which, if there is such a street, i feel i live in it?  
My boys take turns shaking me to the core at random, especially on days when they ALL THREE push their OWN grocery carts in the grocery store... I REALLY, no joke try and pretend they are not mine and let them just play away.... They ram into one another going full speed, NO ONE ELSE i promise just themselves, add random groceries to their carts which i am known to let them have, you get the idea!
  My husband feels the need to "shake down" the receipts at day end and declare it ALMOST ALL Excessive, including our child's new GLASSES.....  yes, the ones that will help him see better!  No, he is not that bad but i guess tax season throws him into a saving type mode and SAVING, INVESTING, etc. is not on the same page with Family of 5, boys who eat endlessly, grow out of clothes and shoes almost over night, add new activities each season and so on and so on..... I have decided it will always be "something" like when we have to replace a full size tree we lost in the draught last summer..... Or when my biggest baby needs glasses.... 
We had a wonderful time today helping Charlie pick out some TOTALLY EDIBLE looking glasses, being his mama and all, i think he is the most adorable thing i have ever seen and his little glasses just take the cake (speaking of cake.  Thank you kaylea for my yummy slice i just devoured,  that and skipping my workout today is proving to make for a very productive day!!! i blame YOU. wink wink)
so many choices and are kids in glasses not the sweetest thing you have ever seen?  
i think so!!!
My little boys begged for them and i assured them, "if you too have your daddy's eyes, we will get some in a couple years"  

 as a girl and concerned mama, i questioned the fact that we  my child had been "eye" tested 3 previous times before and nothing showed up,
 "has my child been blind for awhile?"  
She assured me NO damage was done and probably filed me under "overly analyzing mother" and told me he may have just developed it.
Phew!  But maybe the prescription goggles were a bit excessive?  i don't know?  I don't wear glasses and don't know the "true" need and not-need rules i guess.  His daddy seemed to think he would be fine.  Me, his mama, was worried he couldn't see the edge of the diving board or pool and would drown or crack his head open.  
End result:  we will have some fancy new BLUE goggles this summer!
 And i quizzed the smart lady about sports and she laughed and said
"mom, don't send him on the ball field in his glasses- he will be fine"
FYI:  5 year olds are way too big to smile the "right" way or give you a chance to take a NORMAL picture so try to imagine how cute he looks!!!
we went with a pair of frameless which are NO screws and totally bendy and flexible, never need to be tightened..... and the ones below with frames and a warranty because i have bunnies, a lamby, heros, a frog my baby has named "F" (just F and to hear him say it is too cute for words), way too many shoes and socks to locate before leaving the house, oh and sippy cups because milk from breakfast is NOT pretty to find or smell SO....
i don't need ONE more thing to look for (glasses) in the a.m.  So my hope is with TWO pairs, one will always be Somewhere close.  My fingers are crossed!!!!!

we proudly present...

our circus experience.
i just couldn't leave my almost 2 year old baby at home, so we woke him up and loaded him up too.... And MUCH to my SURPRISE, he was over the moon and on the edge of his seat big daddy's lap the entire show, never to get up.....  My cousin came in town to go with us which is always exciting-  It was my almost 3 year old's FIRST circus experience and could not have gone better.... It was my biggest baby's 3rd time or 4th time, He too enjoyed it but fell asleep close to the end... Bless his heart!   He doesn't make it long if he is sitting down.... he plays too hard so if he ever gets still, that is it, he is OUT- Hard chair with very loud music and a CIRCUS going on, he was fast asleep......  
As always we had a wonderful time and only grumbled a little bit over how much the bright plastic toys cost.
we got there early to go down on the floor and meet some clowns.

 my sam i am claimed his favorite part was the brown horse.

And the older boys claimed to like the acrobats the best!  Good times.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

God bless the Babies

the weather, the gowns, the adorable family, lots of "in town" friends and family, the behavior of the "christened" babies, NOT mine... No, No, my adorable babies ALL woke up on the furthest from nice side of the bed as they could.... yea me!  
 i mean, does this angel not look just like her mama? And her twin, well; they say he looks like his daddy.... i will take their word on it. wink wink.

 i wish babies would wear these bonnets more often, i just love how sweet they are and afraid that if i had a girl of my own she would wear one to bed.... I think God knew what he was doing giving me all boys....
sweet frances didn't know about the very loud choir and walking down an isle FULL of strangers but she pulled through like the princess she is...

 why waste a good 10 minutes between lunch and church?

 there is nothing quite like a baby and their grandmother, is there?  And how totally precious is this sweet  grandmother "honey"..... And just something about christenings gets me, its THEIR special day, THE ONE & ONLY... A million (God willing) birthdays but ONLY one of these..... It was perfect and could not have been more of a joy that i was there to witness it!!

 we failed to mention our "manners" before gracing the fancy luncheon with our presence.... Feet OFF the table.... No cell phones, etc. etc.  

Dear Hunt & Frances.
We wish you the world and then some. 
May your wishes all be granted....
And when your mama says NO, come ask me.
we love you to the moon & back,
the smiths