Monday, June 27, 2011


not so much LITE but traveln' none the less.....
Traveling changes the way you see the world (so my magazine says anyway)
we are swimming, swimming, swimming some more, napping, eating (LOTS of eating...sometimes good stuff sometimes junk stuff.... (my jeans would be so mad, so i don't dare slide them on at this point!), watching sunSETS (no sun rises thankfully!), watching the marlin, thats fishing, tournament crew and their big boats that are more like something i picture a mobster owning, very very very nice yachts to say the very least, hoping from playgroud  to playgroud, from pool to pool, eating dinners on the beach, enjoying many a live band (safe to say i have 3 dancers that don't claim a single shy bone in their little bodies, watching some crabbers and asking a MILLION questions, catching our own crabs, biking, walking, golf cart riding (it is so close to a train, we may or may not call it that to littler boys), driving boats, jumping in "jumpy things" as my little lamb calls them, All in all i have run out of time... but lets just say we are loving our summer travels and each others company..... 
we had a week with big daddy, followed by 3 days with our own daddy (my sig. other), a day to re-coup...that is today... And Chris, Holly, & our own baby Caroline come tomorrow.... we are counting down the milli-seconds to see them!  I don't think Caroline will EVER be able to date.  
That is really all i got.  
 I hope you are enjoying your own kiddos this summer if you have any. 
 If not, I hope you get the chance to vacate with friends, read a good book and find some insight, spend time watching the sun set day in and day out, and just all in all enjoy your summer.
Ciao for now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

crazed & confused

while one would THINK after a two week plus vacation with 3 of my own babies, 3 nieces, 2 girls i call my own and also make believe to be my nieces, plus two older cousins of my own and then a wild crazy week of Vacation Bible school plus afternoon activities FOLLOWED by nights out with friends that take DAYS to recover from one may NEED a day of REST and no where to be...... 
Do NOT be confused, I AM NOT THAT PERSON!!!!
This past Saturday while SURE it was rather relaxing i made the comment to daddyc,
 "i think if i had even ONE more day of this "nothing to do business" and "stuck at home mind set" i would SLIT MY WRIST....literally.  
 I guess i am more of an "on the go" type person if you will although, i do need some down time be it with or without kids, some time to get MY stuff done whether it is cooking dinner, cleaning, SHOPPING, laundry, a minute to think you know...whatever it may be, i need the time or could quite possibly complain about how little time i have 
(warning:  i am admitting, i WILL complain)
 but oh how i love my crazy so called life...... And i think i prefer it be crazy wild than at home with no plans.... (please remind me of that this fall when life picks up MAJOR speed please)

Anyway, we had a wonderful week with wonderful people we will miss dearly as we travel again... Miss us while we are gone!!!
 the picture below couldn't pin my children down any better....

  • One always with food in hand or near by
  • two with toys almost ALWAYS heros, menz that fight (and if girls are around maybe a princess or two and YES! they TOO fight and play mean...i don't know and can't explain, 
  • and lastly the oldest baby who is wearing his chef hat just like his bible school teacher told him too because he would hate to not follow directions.....

 in between my classes i tip toed around to peep at my boys and their classes and couldn't help but notice my middle baby's teacher looks a little "out done" if you will, with him???   
 dear sweet lady,
you are getting paid and pretty sure you called and ask to teach too.  Hang in there, he grows on you and it is ONLY 5 days!!! I promise he wears on you and you will love him....
one proud momma
 And other BIG HUGE happenings at my house, we have NO CRIB in our house..... its been almost 6 years since we have had NO BABY BED, this past week my little boys have decided to snuggle up and sleep together from now on.   And i kinda think it is the sweetest thing EVER and really think it is a whole lot easier to put the wild indians to sleep... 
This cuts out one outta three book sessions, prayers, and cuddle time and let me tell you 2 rooms compared to THREE is a HUGE difference don't let anyone tell you otherwise.   SO, after a week of a pity party that my BABY is 2 and 3 months old going on 15 years old..... Down came the bed!!!!

 i agree, i had good helpers and a HUGE mess to clean up and yes, that is the rocking chair in the left corner, the rocking chair from my first baby, recovered for my middle baby that i can NOT part with so it now resides in my little lamb's room in ALL ITS UN-MATCHING GLORY.....
 And for teaching bible school we were given some Herbs to plant and grow....   I am not an herb "grower" but i knew just who was.....
 And oh my goodness HAPPY FATHER'S day to you and to my Own Dad, our big daddy!!!!
  We had a glorious morning with my plus one, the boys took off to play golf (i tried to talk up errand running and all my 2 year old could say was "NO, GOLF" as loud as his lungs could go- no candy, cookies, etc. could change his mind, i tried......
Reason #123456789 million that i need another baby..... Call me if you have one to donate please.
oh how i love these boys above. 
 Next up dinner & movie with my own dad, i can't wait!!!  
Then off to the beach for us.... 
but first things first.

Dear Piggly Wiggly,
What the hell (pardon my word choice) are you FRYING at 5:30 in the morning?  Do you want me to hurl all over your front stoop?  Just sayn'.   I do love my morning runs as the sun rises, clearing my thoughts for the day, etc. and so on but turning your corner about does me in and throws me into a dry heave, if you will.
  Can we wait to fry things until, lets say noon????

Thursday, June 16, 2011

my week so far...

has been busy, busy, and a little more busy.....  
Shaking it up no less (it is the "theme" of our much loved Vacation Bible school this week)
Shake it Up Cafe
We all four run around the house like crazy people in hopes to get there by 9:00 (i am a little worried about getting to big school this fall by 7:30, oh my!)

 and a dear friend brought this wonderful article to my attention AND THEN turned the page down and brought it to me, i mean, service.  thanks i finally four days later had a minute to read it!
 do you get this magazine???
 i couldn't think of a more perfect quote myself.
 my dear and MISSED mom had some of the best girl friends i know.....  And this month in B Metro an article describes some of her bestest that she loved like no other.....  
Mom's "sewing group".... Or STICTH AND BITCH to be later known although, i don't recall a single event in which they sewed, mom claimed they smocked when we were young????  who knows.  All i know is these are some tremendous families i sure do miss hearing about day in and day out.... And i know Mom was NOT missing her girls nights,...... EVER!!!!!   

these below are some dear friends to say the least and i know they miss my mom as much as i do.
and i quote
"So...resorting to what we know best, we seek out a few like-minded friends, gathering together for a little self nurturing, and maybe even for a bit of note swapping on whose spouse most deserves the award for "cro-Magnon of the week"

"it's really easy just to BE, " "you don't have to explain yourself because everybody already knows"

And while "summering" away for a couple weeks only to leave again this weekend i will admit, i miss my own friends like CRAZY!!!!  Therefore, we have booked plans to see them almost every night this week, i will no doubt need some R & R by next week. wink wink.  
 Thanks to our big daddy,,, while we may not paint the town RED so to speak, we will be sharing time tonight with friends we love the most. look out.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

last BUT NOT LEAST.... part III

buckle up, it is long, i don't blame you for not scrolling through......
 on the way to the lake FROM the beach, we made a stop....

 we were greeted by my cousins and our big daddy at the Lake for some more water play!

 we jumped off the dock a zillion and one times and each time was just as thrilling as the first.

 napped on the fly

 i caved and let my biggest baby jump off our claim to lake martin's fame...
but NOT without me... or his dad...

 if i have taught my boys ANYTHING it is "always have some pretty floral arrangements on the table" eeekkk!  but i do love some flowers in the kitchen.

 we loved our hotlanta girls with us.....
 does it get any sweeter?   And she is FIVE now too. look out.

 we didn't play hard at all.... can you tell?

 we also managed to get our hands a little dirty to say the very least...

 attended a jazz/art show by boat

 jumped again and again and again....

 LOVED our view all week long...

 and all in all, just took the time to relax and watch the sun set!!!!  i highly advise you do the same.
Happy Summertime to you and yours!!!! And happy 8 years married to this guy above.  We shall celebrate like no other tonight no boys allowed, wink wink.   Mimi has BRAVELY offered to keep the indians and we are ever so grateful.  thanks mimi!!