Thursday, March 31, 2011

a hot southern MESS....

our day to day life is simply stated
yes, we made our dentist appointment ON TIME this morning by 8 am., no less, i had to wake up some babies and swoop them out the door with breakfast on the fly (all three good reports yet again, phew!), to school ON TIME,  to my workout class ON TIME.... and kids picked up a bit early... I mean,  Amen!!!!  

My ONLY complaint today is the darn weather... i am cold, its 46 degrees, my boys are outside, i wish to be outside with them,   i need sun in the worst way, and dammit my flowers may DIE from the cold.  just sayn'!

On more positive notes:  I get a niece to play with today, i can't wait!!!  The boys are pumped to see their oldest cousin and i can't wait to see her shining face.  i may or may not take some pics. of them playing, jury is still out... If i were a betting girl i would bet NO, remember its cold and i am un-motivated to say the very least.
Oh. And speaking of betting....gambling, whatever!  i may have witnessed Daddyc and the boys playing poker or "their" version of poker, yes, betting and ALL.... 
Is it too early to start gambling if your child can't read yet??? you decide.  
Yes, the house was somewhat tame, i didn't open my mouth i just focus on my "show" at the time. i rarely watch tv, very rarely, maybe one show a week..... so when i get a chance i TAKE IT!!!!  
incase you are wondering... I really miss my mom!  i miss her each and everyday,  i always will.  
I love this quote above and i also love the song 
"i'm goin' straight to hell, just like my mama said".....
 It seemed fitting for me growing up, although, i never got into trouble-  my mom was such a cheerleader, shy, soft spoken soul, i think she ALWAYS worried i would, as i flew by the seat of my pants!!!!  She liked to claim " i was born SET ON GO" and if i was born set on go... My older wiser brother was set in FAST FORWARD-  its safe to say our children get it honest.
i loved that she knew EVERYTHING, that she kept NOTHING from my dad, that my friends felt the need to tell her EVERYTHING that was going on in their life, that my best friends would always say "when i grow up, i want to be a mom like your mom" (i was am so proud! and that my friends always wanted to stay at my house on the weekends.... (even though i would be asleep by 10 pm) 
Long post short....  
I guess the cold is ok and mama said there will be days like this.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

bright lights, BIG store.

if you haven't then you should... 

 yes, dear readers, my biggest baby is BUCKLING his seat belt....bless him!!!

 whats NOT to love? 

 look at the boys holding the guns right and all.

 i won't lie and say i didn't want to lay down at moments and drink wine with the donkey.... 
 i knew we were pretty safe running outside
 the ONLY thing that would have completed THEIR day is if i would have agreed they could cliff dive into this pond below.... I drew the line there!!!! next time maybe?

 yes, i am now noticing the baby in the back (that would be MINE) about to nose dive into the fire pit.... he didn't, don't fret.
 And while shoving each other into next week doesn't appear fun, BELIEVE me, it is a GREAT TIME for this crew..... I try to look the other way and just keep everyone as safe as i can.... No tears were shed and that is always a good day for me!!!!

 and snacks ALWAYS EQUAL a good time, don't they?    
And i am just noticing his little pants legs, ONE up and ONE down.... Remember: i had 5 stinky boys to watch, no one could hold my attention long enough for me to notice pants or i may have lost one, wink wink.  so this is how we rolled.  
Dear weather, (pardon my word choice but...)
really?  what the hell? come on.
Bring on the hot & humid