Sunday, February 28, 2010

a dash of THIS....

i vacated from my camera, but NOT my phone, for the past 8 days or so.... I will pick it back up this afternoon for a perfect princess' birthday partay, i just can't miss it!  if i had a girl to call my own, and i do claim quite a few these days, this birthday girl would be what i vision my own would be like.... 
Full of IT! FULL Of something! something so stinkn' cute, a whole lotta sass (or personality as we like to say), dash of attitude,  and something that ALWAYS leaves you with a smile.... Smile like, you just can't get angry with her, just can't help but love her, and leaves me wanting to snatch her up and squeeze her tight!   We love this little priss! and i have to re-wrap her gift.... my hornet thinks if something is wrapped he MUSt unwrap it ASAP
so we had a nice weekend i guess.  A dash of sun + a lotta windy coldness + good runs with my furry black dog, who i love, love, love to watch run about the woods, swim like its not 32 degrees, and stick by my side like we are the only two on the trail.....its liberating and i love that he has his freedom and i have mine (freedom from the leash that is) (no, the big chocolate dog can't go anymore, the hips just don't work like they used to, and lucky for MY HEART, he doesn't mind not going which makes it easier  and waits patiently on me at the driveway end but don't worry i took him exploring too, swimming and whatnot..... he is far from left out) i did take my phone so snapped a couple of them romping through the creek, the sunshine was GREAT all weekend, still a little chilly for me and my brood but we worked with what we had.

We had dinner out with some good friends on Friday, lotta catching up, WAY TO MUCH TALK ABOUT OUR KIDS/BABIES, not nearly enough cocktails (i blame the baby talk), but we enjoyed seeing everyone as always and eating good food!  And even more loved coming home..... as we got out and our friends driving home pointed out "hey, are we REALLY GOING HOME Right now?" and then "hey, look i think y'alls kids are STILL UP" check. check.  we really went home at 9:30 and YES our biggest baby was still up........  He had been to a party of his own, not really a party but was invited to go grab pizza and ice cream with his boys..... so fun!  I can't believe he is THAT OLD to go out without me, AT NIGHT, with a group of boys..... yes, both parents were there but STILL.......i was happy for him, he was thrilled!  
EVEN MORE THRILLED to find miss caroline when he got home..... Caroline came early too so that me and daddyc could spend some time at the hospital first, she is good like that.....So when we walked in, there were balloons EVERYWHERE, bow and arrows, etc.  and laughter enough to make me want to waltz right back OUT that front door and take our friends up on a LATe-ER night.... My monkey was LOVING playing with miss caroline and let me be the FIRST to say..... I am selective about my sitters......
1. my boys must love you
2. i love, love, love to KNOW you will play with them, love on them, spoil them rotten when i can't
3. and yes, its nice to know you are a bit reliable.....etc.   
4. its worth all the money in the world to me and daddyc if they have fun WHILE we are out having fun!
That being said....  I rarely call past allie, now caroline (thanks allie), Allie's mom, the girls from the club, lately my dad (he is good too and the diaper changing is all coming back to him.... hE kept my babies this week for a long time while i sat with mom in the hospital..... he is GREAT with them and its nice to leave and not have to go through the ropes so to speak and even NICER to come home to fresh changed diapers, he had fed them lunch (with no guidance), littlest lamb had had a nap, and my hornet stayed home from school.... he wasn't about to leave after seeing his big daddy and that was just fine with me-  Needless to say, our lolly has taught big daddy well. and of course we utilize our mimi on a regular basis but big daddy works and our mimi is a busy, busy, have i said busy bee.... quite the social butterfly she is therefore since lolly has been out of commission i have found a love in my circle of sitters (and yes, we have fallen back on other sitters too but its rare) Anyway, so after miss caroline left... my first born uttered "mom, can we have a babysitter tomorrow night too" if you are a mom you KNOW that is music to your ears!  so our friday night was good  Great! 
Sat. was beautiful too.... it was nice to sit in the hospital with the sun beaming in and listen to our big daddy laugh about the bad drivers in the parking lot (i think he did that ALL day long) my brother, sister in law, and mom laughed too because he really was humored by it and to his defense it was pretty funny how some old women drive!  Mom's cough is getting better but NOT gone and becoming quite annoying to her to say the least..... 
She is really enjoying brookwood hospital though. She LOVES her nurses, her doctors, likes the food, etc.  So its comforting to know she is in good hands and good care and even more comforting that she is about 2 miles from my house.  We have no departure date set yet, we are working on TOTALLY well before coming home..... and this season that is rare to find with ANYONE!  i am WAY over sick kids, even more OVER this cold weather....  so stay tuned but know my mom is in a good place, resting and getting great care and HAPPY which makes us happy.
On another note:  if you go to school where my boys go, or the OLDER two anyway, you KNOW this coming week is teacher appreciation week.... and MY GOODNESS while we ARE appreciative of these God given saints..... this mama is worn slap out from working on "stuff".... I have a spreadsheet to help me stay organized this week as its SOMETHING NEW every single day in BOTH monkey and hornet's class with a "new theme" each day, Plus i am on the adv. council and must do extra for being on that, plus back up room moms for BOTH of their classes.... No i do NOT need a pat on the back, i need a freakn' BREAK, ha!  just kidding, i got it done and done last week and it won't be any big deal at all.  I am going to run up there today and make some finishing touches for the luncheon ( i may or may not snap some pictures) and KNOW we APPRECIATE our TEACHERS no dout. wink wink.  I just finished the place cards this morning while the boys scarfed down breakfast....
and the vases are for each child's flowers they bring in on "bloom where your planted" day.
oh and i have FAILED to mention we have the WORST HAIRCUTS known in history.... oh and the better part is the boys are on tv this week...... Just funny, daddyc and i just laugh, not at them but WITH THEM and feel a bit sorry for the sweet girl who keeps inviting them to be on tv.... we LOVE the barber shop and apparently i was on BREAK when the sweet men were cutting the little boys hair??  The men love the boys in there so it is break-like to me, i sat in my chair drinking my coffee, and they all sat in a different man's lap, and the sweet men proceeded to buy them old fashion cokes (thats right, the boys indulged on sprites and diet cokes.... i was on break, remember?) and opened endless amounts of suckers and messed up any magazine, shampoo set up they had arranged, and did all kinds of tricks in the chairs and monkey asked WAY TOO many questions...... i don't know why they love them so much?  anyway, still on camera break i just now snapped some really bad ones of them to show off the dumb and dumber cuts..... hope they make YOU laugh too!

and by blogging i have done THIS to my middle child

Thursday, February 25, 2010

words of wisdom?

SOMEONE once said (my mom)....

"put your big girl panties on and DEAL with it"
Dear mom, 
Does that mean my panties are BIG, as in i am FAT? or is that like big girl as in there is no more flowers and clearly printed "days of the week" on them??

SOMEONE also once said (my mom)...

"you are the princess of QUITE A LOT" (she even bought me the pillow that said it too)
Dear mom, 
does that mean i am a princess? or does it mean i am a spoiled brat with too much stuff?

SOMEONE else once said (my dad).....

"you can get by on charm for 15 minutes AFTER that YOU BETTER know something"
dear dad,
does that mean i am charming? dumb as a brick and after 15 minutes have NOTHING to offer? or were you trying to get me to study more and dig deeper?

funny the things we don't forget, funnier that we remember them so clearly.  I hope you remember SOME of the things your mom and dad said to you..... i could go on forever.  Daddyc is glad i won't ;)  

update: mom is being treated, has some fluid on her lungs, and is getting great care. i will admit 5-6 more weeks of chemo seems daunting and UN-do-able but with friends and family by her side i know mom can do this.  She misses everyone dearly and more than that misses her babies.... all FOUR of them and can't wait to tote them all around and play!   Dad is back with her, all her sisters, and we hope to bring her home safe and sound soon in this morbidly frigid weather!!!  

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

encourage and be ENCOURAGED!


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Rinse and Repeat MOM, times are tough but will turn around.... Hang on!  
And no you ARE RIGHT (did you read that....i said you are right.... i KNOW you have long awaited that sentence) we all have NO CLUE what you are going through but wish more than anything it would be one of us and NOT YOU! love you!
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I have highest hopes for my mom. I hope you do and more than that i HOPE SHE DOES!  And believe you me, when she comes home 

i am LOOKING very much forward to our Friday night..... I have booked a new found love for my boys (and Allie's bestest) and will be high tailing it to whatever location the hill's have suggested.....and it won't matter.  

I am just kinda bummed a little tiny bit that i won't have my greatest counterpart partaking in the wildness with me but more than bummed i am OVER THE MOON and CAN'T HARDLY WAIT to meet the TWO bundles of joy she will be hosting until mid summer..... I will for sure get my baby fix ON times 2!  

But look out after we get those angels sleeping through the night...... the damage has YET to be done!
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icing on the cookie

So my baby is IN FACt turning ONE year old next week.... while we aren't throwing him a big bash, we WILL in fact shower this angel with utmost love and affection and host his most loving family of aunts, uncles, grandparents, & cousins.... We will have a full house of love for this little lamb no dout!
I have purchased the paper products, while i am FULLY aware its a little nicer to use your REAL stuff, i enjoy the cuteness of fun plates, napkins, etc. call me crazy or not fancy, whatever is fine!
I swung by to pick up some cookies for a dear friend and while there placed my order for the little lambs party favors, to match the plates and napkins of course..... I can't wait to see them next week.  I have yet to order the cake but know exactly who i will call for that and will plan the menu sometime BUT NOT today!!!   NOT in these colors but here is the cookie i chose..... to be packaged with coordinating ribbon....and with his little name or monogram on it too! Presh, i know....
Cupcake with Candle
These cookies are very yummy and equally as cute.  I will admit i usually DON'T like these kind of cookies but these folks do it right. So tasty!
i recommend you swinging by or placing on order online
icing on the cookie
And skimming through to find some cute images i saw this and thought i may just order two of these...then i quickly ran out of "me" time, so you'll have to go check it out yourself SOON!
Because i just made the older boys dentist appointments this morning, i CAN'T wait to see my little hornet in action, tied down (not really....)

Dear Dr. lauten,
you know we do love you and want the boys to use YOU for their dentist....that is the sole reason we are doing this to you, i promise!!!  you understand, don't you?  Should we make plans that night to go out because i feel for sure you will take on a bit of stress after this one.....
but we will have a good story to tell next time we get together anyway.
see you soon. 
QUICK update:  my loving aunt took mom to hospital last night. Say your prayers, they are powerful.  We are wishing for warm weather and healthy EVERYONE!  stay tuned as we know more.  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

wish upon a star.

Update: My mom is hanging in there..... took a week off chemo to vacate with my dad and her sister and do some different things she has missed, she will be home today- i think she really enjoyed some extra time with her baby sister.... Back on board next week.... say a quick prayer for her as she DID NOT escape this nasty cold/cough/YUCK that is going around!  
I was thrilled to see this room, by my all time fav. designer too, Suzanne Kasler from hotlanta.  I feel there IS LIFE for our fish prints when my monkey out grows them..... but you are right, i don't know that he will EVER out grow these??  They are some of my very favs. in the house!!

I am wishing upon a star for a bike....

But not that hard because if the wish came true i would need a trusty garage to store it in.... We have enough riding toys, bikes on our front and back porch which already lends a look of year round garage SALE!!  BUT bob's bikes has the sweetest pink one that looks just like this.... Could i store away the babies in that basket??

Monday, February 22, 2010

i got soul....

BUT i am NOT a soilder....far from it too.... After a week of a sick monkey, who apparently when he is sick INSTEAD of being extra cuddly he takes to extra attitude and ugly tones of voice, (NOT OKAY with me!) AND after a week of a teething little lamb (who i gotta admit was hardly bad but still, a little goes a LONG way!) i will honestly say i was ready to cash in my chips!  I think God knew too he sent this BEAUTIFUL weekend to RE-store my energy and bring back smiles to all my loved ones.  While we didn't do too much.....We had some kinda good time, did you?
We did have to go do some photo shooting for hollywood baby's NEW website and ads but don't worry i gave my monkey the option and he opted OUT and that was fine.... when your sick you make your own calls about having to dress up and take pictures but the other two scallywags did GREAT.... My little hornet only stuck his head through the rails AND GOT STUCK a handful of times.... rinse and repeat....THIS BABY IS STUBBORN!!!  he didn't cry and we managed to wiggle him out every time and get a small laugh too!  Daddyc and my monkey played chase and enjoyed the sun and enormous water fountain....
why can't i stick my head through these rails?
 We ATtempted lunch out again this weekend as we seem to do every couple days hoping we have made a break through......better luck next time!
Dear Friend, (who we have not seen in awhile)
While i know you must be judging our parenting or kids all together.... Our littlest lamb eating off the floor, our middle hornet SWIMMING in the cheese dip, and our biggest baby cuddled up in my lap 'cause "he is cold" and daddyc enjoying a cold beer mid-day..... Let me explain.....
First of all it was my lambs OWN chip (that is okay, right? that 5 second rule has always been a little fuzzy), and for my middle "you gotta start somewhere and to his defense that cheese dip was EXTRA runny and hard to manage and he was DETERMINED and that was just fine" and for our 4 year old.... well, he funneled a whole thing of sweet tea and had NO SHOES on lending a bit of a chill in the air, AND he had an ear infection on top of that. And the cold beer, well..."can you blame him?" There.  We did so enjoy seeing you and yours and hope we didn't scare your small child as she is most precious and i do hope you gave that angel the candy she was begging for??
where are this baby's clothes, you ask?  While right there in the grass.....  a bubble is really, really, REALLY hard to climb in and SO NOT worth the frustration!
so home again home again to step foot outside and NEVER RETURN INSIDE.... I was going to take FULL advantage of this sun, we are quite some sun lovers in my house.  And thats just what we did.... amongst some great friends which made it even better....i even woke my babies up from naps, "cause i didn't want them to miss this op to play in the sunshine OUTSIDE" they agreed, it was GREAT!  and to end that day, we grilled burgers- we never left the street just jumped from house to house..... if you JUST change cocktails of choice and NOT food "is that progressive drinking?" "progressive FUN, for sure!" certainly NOT progressive dinner seeing that kate is the only house that cooked.... thanks kate- Pay back will come with time! 
its safe to say my lamb LOVES a car riding toy!!! 

And its SAFER to say i LOVED watching him play!!

some good tool men, very hard at work....

while playing amongst small babies, its fun to stay on rock stairs just to keep the blood flown'

and a most precious angel being so sweet as always.....

so monkey changed AGAIN..... doesn't he look stunning.... Does it matter? i agree, it does not and i personally still think he looks adorable, call me bias....when you can't find a football, make due with a basketball or better said "when you middle brother won't SHARE the football" MAKE DUE!!!

team work!!! Charlie and Whit are 3 years and 4 months apart and are the best of friends already!  They really really enjoy each others company, protection, & entertainment..... As their mama i love to watch them interact.... Yes, they do love the middle one too..... but he seems to want HIS way a little more, ha! But they all three enjoy playing together and daddyc and i enjoy it a little MORE!   

lucky for us, we had a princess join us!

i really love this picture...daddyc's bestest and his little boy.... the daddies stopped every now and again from a game of frisbee to catch a moment..... only a moment though and the ole' handoff came into play AS USUAL!!

And a new found fisherman!

look at my hornet....we have MAJOR sleeve ISSUES.... even an outfit like this... ROLL them UP! or else....

And at last... a party!  Always fun to see a prince and his princess sister celebrate year 3 AND year 1 together.
TA DA! looking sweeter than the cake itself.

what makes you think we awoke this little guy?

And its always fun to see all these angels together...

i think its a safe bet to say ALL my brood had a great time!

CAKE TIME.... the cake matched the invite which i thought was so cute! what wasn't cute was my little hornet locating his own fork and diving into the only cake he could reach....  the angelic birthday boys.... it was his FIRST too!  His grandmother okayed this to go on and i didn't argue with her.

don't mind if i do!

that same sweet grandmother took the prince for a small bath in the sink!  Happy Birthday to you sweet Sanders and Princess Callie.

a delivery of magic wands from cinderella herself for the girls
And a prince delivered some swords to beat each other with for the boys!  thank you.