Thursday, September 30, 2010


so... i had the great honor of being a special "buddy" as they labeled me to my very first niece... It was grandparents day at her precious school and her grandparents were either out of town or further out of town in SPAIN  (thank you Delta airlines strike...bring our mimi back)  I was over the moon to get to go for a visit.  
 she IS in fact as sweet as she looks.   She is a girl after my own heart who will tell you what she really thinks, which i tend to LOVE.   When i first arrived "aunt amy why are you wearing that scarf, did you think it was cold this morning?"  then assuring me it was in fact okay "well, it was a bit chilly to me too, i like it!"  And then pointing out that she got to wear her favorite color PINK and did i notice that her dress had a snail on it JUST LIKE her table spot at school.... details, details, details......

 her room was very organized which i guess with kiddos it has to be... great displays of artwork!  I loved how she made her hair curly with the scissors, very creative!!!
 we dined on cinnamon rolls and scones... what a treat!!!

 we talked of how to stay on green and how hard that can be sometimes!!!
 we were given a project to do together and we knocked it out very quickly.  My special girl was lickity split with writing her letters and finished LONG LONG before her sweet friends.  I was so proud!!!!

 i thought it was too cute that the teacher taught them a song about "mommy & daddy needing a break" it was the sweetest little show i have seen.
 the most adorable little girlies too.  
what a fun morning i had!!  I can't wait to go back.  We love you Emma!!!!

ciao for now...

i am OUTTA here!  so long appointments, playdates, library go-ers, teachers, l.a.m.b.s, meetings...endless meetings, grocery store, early bedtimes, plain ole' routine... I am heading to the beach for awhile.  
yes, i realize i am NOT going to madison ave. but i feel as though that is how i am leaving town.... LESS than a day from now and have packed NOTHING, not one single thing is close to a bag, where are the bags???  
I am winging this trip.... if you know me, you know i am usually TOTALLY 100% prepared.... outfits ironed and set out, everything labeled and homemade snacks, goodie bags for EVERYONE, reading material (i don't know why i still attempt this... i don't learn lessons easily... i KNOW i will not have time to sit down and read but miracles DO happen so i want to be prepared when they DO!)
Now that i am thinking of it.
Dear Daddyc, 
Our babIES pack n plays (that is a portable sleeping set up for you un-knowers) are AT THE LAKE....
Note to self: in the next couple hours i need to locate some beds and some clean sheets...  
thats what friends are for, Friends????  are you reading this?   I better QUIT blogging and get to packing my family of FIVE and organizing my D-O-DOUBLE G's for their week without us... sniff sniff.  They will be in GREAT hands though (at home too, so don't rob us and if you do, don't press charges when my brown dog KILLS you, he is protective like that)
but before i go....  
i attended to support a fashion/Art show who donated to THE foundation (the breast cancer one) a bit of their proceeds and i am ashamed to admit i scooted out before the fashion show part.... but i had three babies to feed and bath and get tucked in.  

 And i fooled around with the camera this week while keeping my babies safe....  watching them through the lens can be so fun and every 100 times you may wind up with a good shot!!!  

 THINK cowboy NOT gang bangn'....

houston, we have a PROBLEM!!!!

 helpn' a brotha out when he falls, and then helping a brother get a ball....  I can say "this is my sweetest biggest baby i have" bless him!

 if i had to guess.  My little lamb is wanting to say "why does Sam NEVER do what mama tells him to do?"  And the sweet monkey would reply, "well, whit he just does his own thing, mama says thats okay to be different..."

my 2 cents

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i have been in love with the stamping waffled stainless for oh about a year and a half now.....   If my kitchen had any stainless in it.... i would do backsplash and the refrigerator, no that would be too much but either or.....  DO THIS....  its good looking!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

grounds 4 play

"the mouse ran up the clock"

 "ice cream anyone"  yes, monkey chose to wear NOT his matching outfit and my middle baby chose to wear crocs WITH socks..." oh my!!!

haircuts...speaking of.... after i run, shower, make three lunches, get three boys dressed and ready, we are heading to the REAL barbershop for three haircuts PRE-School hour..... wish us luck we don't get a "roger cut" which is close to ME cutting it or WORSE!!!