Friday, October 28, 2011 us.

is gymnastics!  And OH! how we LOVE IT.  
On thursdays of course my biggest baby heads to school early and then around 9 my little lamb so this year i decided to bribe my middle one into taking gymnastics and it is utterly totally the BEST!!!! this is his 1st sport, if you will, to participate in....ya know, most boys here will start with soccer which consists of 1 practice and 1 game or another version of sunday soccer, no practice whatsoever and you just play..... very funny to watch or painful... after watching my first play soccer young i decided we really didn't get too much out of playing soccer so young, but how cool was it to wear shin guards and get the cleats, dont' get me started on the trophy..... so i think gymnastics is something wonderful, strength and coordination and FUN!!!!  
And he is okay being one of two boys in the class, honestly he couldn't care less and is in pre-school with most the girls in there. i really think boy moms need to let go of their "hang ups" of possibly vearing them the girly way.... what could be better or more fun!!!!  remember how long bo jackson's mom had him in ballet???  me neither but i do remember he took, and no offense but i would rather stick a pencil thru my toe than watch my babies in ballet, we won't go there (but i am dying to see my twin nieces partake and smile thinking about them just in their sweet tutus)..... we WILL give the sports a whirl at an age more appropriate, like maybe 5?  or since he is on the young side of his class, maybe next fall.  that my readers, will be left up to him and what he decides to try. 
  Next session up, i will have two wild indians in the same class..... that is if i can bribe my littlest lamb, right now he says "NO NASTICS, Basketball!!!"  He is two and i feel sure basketball doesn't start for FOUR short years..... but ssshhh, lets don't reveal his age.

 i love his face in the picture above, like "bring it... all day long i could hold this...."

 we call the climbing wall below and spiderman climb.... yes, we are STILL in costume....

 this above in an inground trampoline.... so fun!

 After that we took our bestest buddy and "gurl" friend with us and had a great little day!!!  playing at friends and eating chicken la or chick fil a... details!!!!

I am fully aware how terrible those pictures are....  i was a mile away in no light whatsoever and am not deemed a photographer by a long stretch but you get the just.  A new sport, a new love and old friends and costume..... and yes, i did take gymnastics, i did love it and yes, i kinda want to get out there too, just sayn'

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tricks n treats

we have been volunteering our time and energy into scaring little children.... I'll admit Emmet O'Neal went above and beyond with the haunted maze... so cute fun!! but first is a phone DUMP....

#1.  monkey learns to tie his shoe.....  update as of last week:  Mom picks him up for the LAST TIME 
with his shoes untied.... yucky shoe laces are NOT for me.... next up he picks out his own shoes...eeeekkk! velcro until we get "unlazy" enough to tie his shoes.... Bless him, he likes his mama to do it!!!!  but alas, we CAN tie our shoes.
 #2. Publix fun or something mama and aunt Amy HAD to do before our fun!!!!   i know i know....

 been eating some yummy treats!!!!
 tent cookies for monkey's birthday treat at school..... can you make out a tent????   use your imagination, the kids had too!!!

 my LONE zoo taker.... "boys lets go to the zoo"  "mom!, i am going to the golf course with dad" "me too!" (a shell shocked mama who is slowly coming to reality my boys are growing up)
 zoo? anyone? anyone?  
i'll buy you a treat!!!  
yes, thank you whitmore.... I have ONE LAST little one who loves the zoo... And have i confessed our LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE with the story 3 little pigs.... well, guess who was there..... i mean, just too much to handle!!
 i have THREE takers on playground offers though. phew!!!

 playing SPIDER man.

 now.. to our main event.  the monster party!!!
 craft.  no, my boys did NOT partake....
 we seem to have a man down????
 spiderman to the rescue... we have been SPIDERMAN for 3 straight days, sleep, school, EVERYWHERE......    but could you not eat him with a spoon.... does spiderman wear boots???
 we ALREADY love older girls...... Although, their daddy is trying to tell them, go YOUNGER, not older, ha!!!!  only kidding.

 two peas in a pod.

 from the mouth of my middle.  Oh mama, could you be a monster all the time.. like at home, to sleep and tomorrow????  you look beautiful....
from the mouth of my oldest.  "Mom, what are you doing?"
from the mouth of my babe: "Mama? Mama?  take that hat of mama?  you a monster?"

 no shame in our monster game, happy to do it for the kiddos.

 popcorn in monster hand bags. too cute!

  Monsters, inc. on the lawn.   A good time.  Hate you missed out.  next time for sure.

and to bring you into our window.
It is red ribbon week at the elem. school.
ME: "charlie, how was red ribbon day?"
do you know what that is?

Charlie:  um, like maybe don't smoke or drink but don't worry mom, i raised my hand and told them I DO DRINK?
Me:  but sweetie you DO NOT DRINK
Charlie:  Yes, mom i told them i drink beer sometimes at the beach with my mimi

Sam:  'look mama, the computer key board has the A and S close together, just like me and you (our names starts with those letters in case you are wondering) You are my main girl mama.  
ME:  thanks Sam, you made my day!

Sam: When i grow up i want to be a knight and save the princesses
Whit: when i grow up i want to be a dog
Charlie:  he still wants to be a builder/ construction designer, architect guy a.k.a worker man

Sam:  during spanish at his school " hey, my miss silvia (a.k.a.  a dear dear dear lady we adore who is in fact mexican and does in fact keep our house clean who we owe our souls too!!! and who loves the kids more than life and likes to teach them spanish) anyway "miss silvia who helps me clean talks like You do!"  
I mean.... don't ever dout my kids will say something to knock you off that high horse.  yay boys! i love you too much. thanks for reminding us life is all about laughing... a lot!!!

Whitmore has been saying "more juice" every second of the day "want to jump in a big jumpy" "where big daddy go?"  Can i have a party at my house?  Tell me pig story mama" "cereal bar peezzz" (FYI:  he like the expensive and very healthy ones, not nutrigrain... Darn!!!)