Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 up to the frat house we went....complaining all the way.... look at how the pledges didn't CLEAN, etc. etc.  We discussed the WANT to start a riot on kids waiting to start college 'til 21 'cause clearly these young lads and girlies were WAY TOO YOUNG To be on their own.....  We declared we are NOT the "OLD" people they think we are, and we all in all enjoyed the hospitality and lunch of course.  Thanks SAE, we promise not to complain next time.

 it was 3rd. quarter so we were some of the only ones there......  it brings back some wonderfully fabulous memories....
 we discussed the UN- Natural bluish tint to the claim to fame LAKE....
 we have played HARD and slept on the fly.....upside down or whereever....
 spent many a day in the leaves and pine straw in our case......
 aunt Sue and marty pulled through with a ranger that was way too fun around campus and spoiled us rotten with the ride.
 appears a SERIOUS chat of the "team rules" or was that college coaxing.... Daddyc and i always say we won't sway the boys and will let them choose their own way..... but secretly think all three (since they will be there together....eeeekkk!) in SAME college, SAME fraternity would be GREAT FUN for them with loads and loads of memories but that is just the mom in me dreaming i think.......

 and always, always a little rumble tumble on the ground...
FYI:  while getting this post ready.... My angels have gotten out about 20 nail polishes, mixed up the colors, painted their feet and hands, ruined the rug purchased 3 days ago, and some clothes they were wearing.

"WHAT are YA'll DOING?"
"mama, we wanted to be spiderman, he is all colorful"

yay, boys!!!   And then to redeem himself, my middle baby woke me up by whispering in my ear.... "mommy, will you marry me?"   I was much obliged and can't wait for the wedding, wink wink.  

I may or may not have gotten scolded by my middle baby's teacher yesterday.... She wants Sam to stay the WHOLE day, I am guilty as charged to picking them up early every single day.... i kinda miss my little ducks who are NEVER in a row when they are gone.... AND HE IS THREE.  AND ITS MOTHERS DAY OUT.... AND I AM PAYING YOU A SMALL MORGAGE TO PLAY WITH HIM.... just sayn' and yes, i am friends with all three of his teachers and they may love him more than me, as they claim, but good grief.........  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

hop, skip, and almost a whole month later

anyone? anyone still there.  Don't blame you.  Life has been a wee bit busy lately..... Just keeping my boys safe and sound is a days work at my house... This morning
"DO NOT hit him with that bat"
"but mom, we are PLAYING"
"I don't care, you don't hit ANYONE over the head with ANYTHING......EVER!"
"but watch mom, he doesn't even cry, and plus MOM! it is a foam bat and not metal"
and i repeat " DO NOT HIT HIM WITH THAT BAT.....again"
5 minutes later.
"Mom, come watch...we can fly?"
"see we put ALL your sheets, pillows, comforter, and bedspreads on the floor and run and jump off your bed and we FLY"
"but someone is going to get hurt this isn't a good idea"
"well, Whitmore only missed the soft part ONCE!!!"
this is when i cue, WHAT-EVER!  and let them do their thing.......all while taking deep breathes and NOT watching.....i would stop them from doing ALL these many things but it warms my heart, they play SO well together, LOVE each others company, worry about the other ones, and truly spend most their days laugh their little faces off.....  And i'll admit, i fall victim to the ole' saying "let the boys be boys" and by that i mean, fine you can take all cushions off and build a fort and KNOW by the time i get back upstairs it should be all put back together neatly or mama could lose her head!!!!!  thats our little understanding.... right now, as i type i can hear my TWO year old saying "CANNON BALL" in a high pitch voice of laughter.... 
Dear Lord,
I owe you my life plus some for keeping my boys safe day in and day out.  
Your biggest fan, 
Anyway, a month later we have been slammed busy with L.i.F.E in general and L.I.V.I.N.G all together.
 we got out our playdough... we do this about three times a nearly puts me over the edge but they love it.  We made and decorated cupcakes... I didn't say and word and let them put as MUCH or little "things" on them...

 tornado warnings kept one middle monkey with me attending my biggest baby's Thanksgiving program DRESSED LIKE THIS.  whatever!!!

 sweet little indian boy.  

 homemade place cards and a thanksgiving feast......

 fun with friends and family... great weather for the most part.

 they get it HONEST.  Our family LOVES a riding toy and the outdoors!!!!
 it is always a little easier when uncle charles comes home to push you!!

 we have worn pjs during the daytime, 'cause we can.....
 we were indians more days than not.
 Aunt Emily turned her kitchen table into a drawing board.  SCORE!  yes, we had a wonderfully lazy Thanksgiving morning of sitting around the warm crackling fire and watching a movie so YES, the boys hair is wet from late baths.
 we blew up the "jumpy thing" my two year old declaired he was thankful for "jumpy things", cried like a two year old and the jumpy thing NOW resides on our front porch awaiting a sunny day and temps above 32.  And yes, in march we will have a "jumpy thing" birthday party as he mentioned 799 times a day.

 we took to the lakeside and took our shirts off.... NOT me i promise... And bask in the warm sunshine!!!

 Attended the Iron Bowl festivities and ate our weight in peanuts... My family keeps the "nut" farmers in business.
 we take our riding toys EVERYWHERE with us.  
 Our dearly beloved aunt sue showed up with cookies from aunt vickie in hand.... Alabama cookies.  but we are good fans and love our almost all alabama family.....  Thanks Aunt Vickie x3.
 we tore around campus like the little indians we ARE.

 climbed to high heights and made their on-lookers nervous.... I always have to assure people "they are fine, i promise" but oh my goodness you should hear the comments i get from strangers...
"oh my goodness watch honey, he is going to jump."  Squeals usually come into play in fear!  And them, they cackle laughing and do it again......

next post is a phone unload.   
I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving.   We had so much to be thankful for this year and most every year really.  We are so blessed and WE KNOW IT!!!!  Welcome to the HOLIDAY rat race, YES, we are tree up and greenery done and decorated 100%.  bring it on Christmas.