Wednesday, June 30, 2010

all my bags are packed...

i am ready to go....

and while its in my greatest interest that i have NOT packed a pink tweed suit.... a pink swim suit and pink tunic to go over other bathing suits, sure....but NO dressing up allowed when you are lake side with the ones you love!!!!
Now...THATS more like it... more like what i look like to my bestest neighbors ever as i try to scramble out the door and muster up some PATIENCE as my boys scatter everywhere BUT the car.....And its a good thing because if i ever said "lets go' and all three boys went out TO THE CAR and the dogs stayed inside and OUT OF THE CAR" i would FAINT.... and that would just make us late so there is no win here!
We are heading to the Lake again and counting minutes 'til we leave!!!!   We will be there awhile and then traveling to HOtlanta for another while to see no other but the ones we love the most but we shall return July 13th to normal life.  Miss us while we are gone and don't rob us, Daddyc and the dogs will be back and forth to join in the FUN.

life. liberty. and the pursuit of FUN!

same ole' US.  i promise this is all of the boys you get for awhile as i am vacating.... we took on the zoo, whats left during the overhaul anyway, and thought we MUST go to the pool to cool off......
if you talked to me last week, you are REALLY IN DISBelief that i went back to the zoo SO SOON.... but i did.  This time at 9 a.m. WITH sippy cups and one boy strapped down.  Oh and i let my hornet wear his "batman" shirt and bring his horse... So long adorable jon jon, i know you are under there somewhere. 
I kept reminding myself
"it does not Matter what the boys want to wear" rinse and repeat
who cares what they wear..... oh this is going to be a hard one!  
we got some new sea lions at our local zoo... And they were hosting the training session/splash show which my monkey thought it be best that he run up and sit front row..... while my middle baby thought i will waltz right up to the window to get a better view and me and the other two stinky boys stood in the shade!!!

some a little more EXCITED about the train than others

look gangs all HERE!!!! as if i didn't know... FYI its NOT easy weaving men and animals through the arms of a child's car seat MANY times a day!!!! But worth the happiness it brings this angel.
He loves his superhero gang AND his animals!!! Now together....thats just total goodness.
And while the summer storm messed up our neighborhood baseball game.... Playdough seemed to cure our sadness for a mere moment....

And just like that..... they were back outside... Catching lightening bugs or fireflies as some say.... word on the street these little bugs are almost a thing of the past... NOw that is something to be sad about!

And somehow they all got out....

so now we will travel to the Lake side to celebrate INDEPENDENCE day... 
Is it independence with all these kids?  that just seems wrong... 
While i would NOT EVER miss grilling out, boats, sun, smiles, fireworks, sparklers, and endless lake fun.... When i return home... I am DEMANDING my own INDEPENDENCE day.... Babysitter already lined up....PERFECT! Have a fun and safe 4th of July! oh and wish my chocolate furry baby happy 10th birthday too... Baylor, my chocolate lab, is a july 5th baby! I think that calls for a special bone? agree?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

summer love-n'

we are usually pool side if we are in town.... most each and everyday but somedays i have my phone with me and have caught a couple shots of our fun!!! Here are some random things we have delighted in.

oh and not to fret. I have retired the orange swim suits as they are a wee bit small.....

and when you get tired, hot or hungry... Fall onto the ground a SCREAM!!!!

but first make sure you are good and sweaty... and there is LOTS of little gravel to stick to you.  Perfect!

And 3 boys + 1 more = 4 stinky, sweaty boys
I gained one more for the whole week....and i think its safe to say we are loving having him with us...he is one of our own! 
On day ONE we headed to our local science center for some good COOL fun!  No, you are right... on day ONE i loaded them up and headed for the grocery store.... Having fun yet?? Day TWO...Science Center
got snacks?  will scream.
there we are.

I was not aware IN THE LEAST that this monkey lost a shoe???  phew! i am just glad he found it....

diggin' for dinosaur bones
AND hitting on pretty girls... My lil' hornet can find a pretty girl ANYWHERE and can't help but go speak.... i think he just loves them to say "AAWWW! he is sooo cute" 
Full of IT, he is!!

if one can NOT climb INTO the exhibit....
hurl himself onto the floor

And no matter how many times you go to your local science center...
and no matter if you just left your daddy about 2-3 hours ago...
One must ALWAYs run into his arms, tell him 
and then collapse!!!!!

And then when its too darn hot to do anything else... we UnLoaded at our local pool!
the boys LOVE to watch the tennis players!  

And SLIDE down the BBBIIIGG hill...

And i scored the bigger boys for some snacks
And the best part of my day was pulling them kicking and screaming INSIDE at 8 o'clock...well, not that part but the part where i scrubbed them down and tucked them into three different beds, Read them books, and KISSEd them good night!  And today.... who knows what we will get into?  stay tuned.