Monday, February 27, 2012

over do

here is some phone pics from the past couple weeks.... most days when charles was out of town, i usually always snap pictures of the boys and what they are up to and little videos of things they want to say to their daddy while he is away.... 
Daddyc missed charlie's last basketball game.....No score is ever kept but he is pretty sure the team WON!!!!  

 then we headed to local science center to stay warm... AND have fun!!!!

 and when we got to the fossil dig... i couldn't help but notice, my 1st and 3rd born's shoes, neatly placed, the right way and side by side and my MIDDLE child's shoes, well; no pictures because i spent about 30 minutes LOOKING for them... One was clearly at the exhibit next door and the other was somewhere else.... And there you have it.  The dead on personalities of my boys!!!! to each their own

 my monkey and his buddy did this new little ride.... i kinda wanted to do it myself!!!

 and on another daddy gone day, we found ourselves at bass pro shop... a.k.a. HEAVEN.

 we NEED four wheelers, a ranger, etc.  but in all seriousness here.  WE NEED A BOAT!!!!
 we had daddyc remind us what the emergency fund was and savings funds and the definition of emergency 'cause we were pretty sure it was the need for a boat with a little more power than our big daddy's pontoon boat..... he assured us... this is not code for emergency..... we tried!!! and dont' think we give up that easy...try try again.

 this is one my my baby's buddies and to hear him say his name is short of melting my heart... PAWWWL.

 And because they have no choice, my boys have always had to do things with me... They never complain and sometimes, most times, chose to go just to be with me..... this was whitmore's fun as i was getting toes painted..... That the the water hose, or GUN loaded with water.... they were pretty sure they were GLAD we were outta there.
 and sam's school celebration.....

 he didn't mind if he did clap for himself... for he has had 4 wonderful years to clap for.

 and at the dermatologist office.... there we were!  under and over, and here and there.
Dear fellow peeps, 
so sorry about the company you kept that day.  
i had no choice.
 here we are throwing some fast balls all over that waiting room.....  but good news, everyone's mole checks turned out great!!!!
 and happy mardi gras.  I have wonderful memories of mardi gras in mobile with a mass amount of family... My mom took charlie when he was 3 and other than that we have not taken the boys.... That is on the short list... book hotel for mardi gras 2013.....  we DID eat king cake!!!

 and here are just some cute things.  My valentine from my baby..  see his little light blue footprint in that car??
 and of ALL the candy, balloons, etc.  THIS was the favorite at our house.. Couldn't wait to find some "good" dirt and plant away......  and to bring you up to speed, i have almost polished off the boys chocolate. thank you.
 and with the close of basketball, the start of baseball..... coach pitch... moving right along.....  a boy in baseball gear is almost too cute for words......  So now i have 3 in baseball, 2 in soccer, 1 in karate, 2 in gymnastics soon to end and then start swimming..... and church on wed.s-   i'm not sure i could enjoy it quite as much if it weren't for the smiles, laughter and light in their little eyes on their sports days......  I would NEVER have dreamed of enlisting my baby 2 years old almost 3 going on 6.....but he pleaded and i buckled and will not look back.....

 speaking of things we want to do..... Sam:  "mama, can we have her?  puhleeeeezzzz"
me:  oh sam, you don't take people's babies but we can borrow her on days we don't have to go anywhere 'cause i don't have an infant car seat....anymore.....(small party inside my head going on for that one!)
 and when we arrived home "tears" filled his little eyes... "mama, we forgot baby Ann"
I tried my best to comfort him in the fact, we don't have a bed and can't just take her but that we could walk over and see, hold, snuggle ANYTIME he wants too..... And then i told him that is just why God is not granting our family with 4 kiddos, we would FORGET THEM places......
 This is big sister who also would have issues with her baby being gone.  bless.
 And thanks to our aunt emily.... we had some yummy treats that were gone lickity split... and also thanks to aunt emily, i was able to get my haircut.   Thanks times a million and two for helping me, that is one thing that my boys will NOT handle well......the waiting that is.