Friday, January 29, 2010

hers, MINE, & ours

so, thanks to a cold, cold, have i mentioned it was kinda cold this morning, RUN so that i could do something fun with the boys today instead of take them to the gym.....And no actually it wasn't that cold, i am not that brave but i ran early none-the-less to make MORE time for my boys.  Its so nice to be showered and READY for the day by 8 a.m., isn't it?  Anyway, i called a mama i KNOW who is ALWAYS up for a good time and who my boys truly adore and whose children i totally adore too-  And we made the drive downtown to the Mcwane center this morning and apparently weren't the ONLY ones with the idea.... we saw about 7 other families who we "school" with ;)  A good time was had by all.  Always proud when i don't have to give a stern look, grab a hand and pull to a quiet conversation, or carry anyone out kicking and helped to have "popcorn" at the end of our trail to give us a reason to leave!  We mamas are smart, are we not?  so pardon the i-phone pics, they are darn close to TERRIBLE but you can make out a couple images of the boys enjoying their time with their other family!!
notice my little lamb can finally enjoy the water table...and the WATER too...immune system at work.

we did some people watching while there

and my most precious hornet found his LOVES...puzzles, animals, & little "men" as he calls them

notice my babies...two are UNDER the car....

what a fun morning we had.  What did you do on this overcast, cold, BLAH of a day?  

Thursday, January 28, 2010

all my bags are packed....

SIKE!  i am not going anywhere this month...shoot! (bet cha haven't heard anyone use "sike" since that eighties, have you?  don't worry, i am NOT bringing it back) but what i AM doing is looking for some luggage for the boys and NO i am not packing and shipping them off YET!  but our sweet little gingham with precious monogram duffles are NOT holding the amount of vacating clothes these rug-rats need...or shall i say Its not holding what all their mommy wants to pack them....there that sounds better!
so i am on the HUNT.  Send your knowledge this way if you have luggage ideas....  Daddyc's thoughts were filson all the way or Orvis....
Filson and via orvis
And maybe, i guess but i was thinking more "little" boy, than grown man? with monograms and all? like maybe l.l. bean
Carryall Luggage SetMicrofiber Luggage Set
but maybe have "smith" put on them so all boys could use any bags?
maybe daddyc is RIGHT....what? i know.... its happened once or twice before....maybe i SHOULD take his advice and get a good solid MALE look.
Sportsman's Rolling Pullman, MediumSportsman's Rolling Gear Bag
via l.l. bean
i can still monogram this, i think this look is pretty sure fit and i COULD BE okay with this?  think?
Boys' Fairfax Rolling LuggageBoys' Fairfax Duffle Bags
via pottery barn
Weekender Bag Luggage - click to enlargeKids Duffle Travel Bag
via warm biscuit
I do love this aqua blue duffle, don't you? uuhhh! and the fabric duffle is sweet but not very practical really if you have boys like mine.
Monogrammed Kids Suitcase - click to enlarge
via warm biscuit
Dragons Bag Collection
via lilly's kids
then there is these dragons...but i am not a big dragon fan.  Are you? 
and we would outgrow this design really fast.... lets think classic!
frog trolley case and backpack set
via kids travel too
You are right, i may stick with daddyc's advice on this one and go big boy classic.  Don't worry i will keep you posted as you all know too well but i have spent my time debating luggage and now my scallywags are almost up so i need to move on to COFFEE and lots of it and make them a warm breakfast (i have quite the breakfast eating bunch).....its too cold!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

boys will be.....

apparently WILD & totally out of control DOUBLE O.C.
we managed to get ourselves ready, meaning I was able to get the boys dressed, picnic lunches packed, a "game" plan, juice in sippy cup for littlest lamb, diaper bag set, and myself showered and ready for the day by 8:30 when we headed out the door..... See miracles happen EVERYDAY!!!
and on our way, just so happens we drive by our bestest' house on the way to get my hornet's hair trimmed, for the record he acted very hornet-ISH, two suckers, a little car, bribes, and a little fish later we have a small TRIM (but roger, our hair go to guy, ask me "ya want me to even up the lil' lamb's hair while y'all are here" so i nervously said "sure"......what Roger meant to say was...."shall i cut the baby's hair like a 6th grader for Easter sunday"-  but we are even now and looking so big and it is NOT the real FIRST cut, is it? DaddyC was SHOCKED i let him cut it, i am still in shock myself) 
oh and dear barber shop, 
It is okay if we, meaning YOU, purchase some new children's capes, i am SO tired of seeing the wizards one and think by the looks of it, its TIME to replace it.  And while i am touched you have cut daddyc's hair since he was a mere child, ENOUGH already.... And must we repeat what a wild child he is EVERY SINGLE time.... only kidding rog (i can call you that, right?) its all fun and games and i am touched you love the boys so much! apologies for the hornet's actions and "didn't my little lamb do so well" i am so proud!
Anywho, i swung my big SUV into john john's drive, ran to the door and snatched him...Just in time too- his dear mama was close to a stress/nervous breakdown and i am always glad to help out a stressed mama and MORE THAN ALWAYS glad to have this little man with me.  So there we were running errands, all five of us.  And after we tended to those, i took them ALL to story time....So so so so sorry library goers... What can i say?  we were more PLAYground material today, who knew?   So after DeSTROYING the library we headed for the playground, picnic'd with some fellow friends, and played until we could play no more.....Now all God's babies at the Smith house are nestled snug in there beds while i waste precious time blogging........And yes, my mama friend said she got it all done and feels so much better!  i was glad to hear it.

all our bags were packed, we were ready to go.

look at those chubby cherub legs...uuuhhH!

and look at that big boy haircut and yes, the sippy cup leaked a little on the way, lending the orange right there on the collar of lamb's outfit...

whit's eyes do what daddyc's do when he smiles....almost disapper!

the wrecking crew

i hate all the shadows but i couldn't get picky and chose-y here, it was time for play not photo sessions.
i had to be quick.

sure, his haircut may not be even AT ALL but hey, he can now see!  he is not the best at getting his haircut...i know its hard to imagine...but try!

they laughed and laughed some more doing this....

and then miss priss showed up after her ballet class was over and they "played it COOL" and stopped the none sense play.

Abs enjoyed her cookies

while big boys re-hydrated.

All in ALL we had a great day!  This little crew parted for a couple hours before meeting back at church tonight- Nothing like watching your children and their friends play, smile, laugh, & enjoy life all together. HEAVEN on earth!

please to meet you...

you are right, i have no clue the table size, amount, or shape nor have i ever seen the luncheon venue THEREFORE, i will stick to what i was given....the invites!
Mehndi Save The Dates - Set of 20
Good simple but elegant invites, agree?
Custom Wedding, Engagement, Save the Date, Graduation, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, or Party Invitation - Damask
i love this too, change the font to green to flow with bride's chosen colors?
Dress 4 - Wedding Shower Invitation
Bloom Bridal or Baby Shower Invitation
and this last one you can change colors to suit?  let me know if any strike you co-hostess readers.....
And should we print a menu to coordinate, place cards, favor tags?  
Stylish Swirl Table Number Card - Sample
Leaf Place Cards with Hand CalligraphyButterfly Place Cards - set of 25Custom wedding reception menus
Kari and Greg... wedding stationery collection

something old, something NEW

for me to DO!
my cousin is engaged to be married on daddyc's 3-0th birthday this year.... I am helping host her bridesmaids luncheon and while I AM NOT taking over, i will delight in doing the invites and maybe spring a couple other ideas..... And while her luncheon is NOT outside...look how fun and different this one is.....

And HOW resourceful to use the bridesmaid's gifts as the stress, but it all falls back on the GIFT WRAPPER!!

And yes, i am on a paper lantern KICK... so fun!!

In the right colors that is....and the bride i am hosting for, is chocolate and green!

Cute way to display seating place cards, think?  maybe for a "stock the bar" party?
Anyway, back to the grind stone of bridesmaids luncheon IDEAS...
cute idea to stick with "green" and brown colors?  

And depending on how many we are expecting.... should we use the bridesmaid favors as the centerpiece?
I think this is sweet and simple... I did it for Whitmore's christening and it turned out perfect,....i thought! i used m&m's though.

And Since my aunt is a pastry chef with God given talent how cute would it be for her to spend endless hours making everyone their own little wedding cake?  cute for us, crazy for her.

i'll take them...

and i will love them forever and ever and never close them! (the doors for those un-sure)

And if you are in need of a kitchen idea....yes, please! great cabinet color, pearly white backsplash, burlap shade (with windows that OPEN) oh my!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

its NOT you, its ME!

i'd rather be here!

And i won't be too too picky, you can place me on the beach or in that bath, on the sand, this point i will climb those rocks.....  
Although, i will say me & my littlest lamb enjoyed our morning; after dropping the biggest babies off for mothers day out, we went and picked up lolly for HOPEFULLY some good house stalking on some cool projects but ended up running errands....ISN't that how it goes? or am i just that lucky? 
EITHER way, we enjoyed our visit, and i got some new lip gloss and met a really cute little gay guy at Saks who i am pretty sure i COULD HAVE chatted with ALL DARN DAY with about this and that and then some. Perfect! so after good bye- ing my gayer new friend....
oh and i DID get to my meeting ON TIME..... i know! 

shoot!  then what is the best way to spend nap time, i wanna know?  doing laundry, cleaning, cooking.... Sounds GREAT...SIGN ME UP.....NOW!!! 
No, wait PLEASE don't;  just find me this sweet lady...
she seems to know the tricks and can fly too.... i would for sure be on time doing that if i didn't drop the boys that is?? oh, this is Mary Poppins for you un-knowing readers.
And look how HAPPY this lady is...whats her secret?

Judging by the looks, i'd say its NOTHING BETTER TO in age... the kids are asleep, no cordless phones, tv only gets 2 stations, the magazine media wasn't that great back then either and computers are not here yet...see NOTHING better to do.  humor me, i do realize she is NOT THAT old.
Anyway, i will continue drooling over these design blogs that make me want to RE-DO YOUR house and await my angels to wake up so i can stress about what i DIDn'T do and NEEDed  TO during nap time...
1. plan tomorrow-  story time, park with friends, picnic (its suppose to be nice out) I will have some of monkey's friends plus my crew....don't worry you KNOW i will blog about it! I thought about mcwane, our fabulous fun downtown getaway but then thought " i am really enjoying my boys un-flu like and don't want to take the chance on a cold at this point" "but then again we have had double doses of the vaccine so shouldn't be an issue, ha"
2.  I need to take my monkey to get some new kicks.... I have crammed his little footsie into his shoes long enough...He claims "they still fit mama, just a little tighter" Oh. and he is LOVING boxers.... yes, my 4 year old is a boxer wearing boy now.... say it AIN't SO!!! so big.  so i am off to find some kid-dorable boxers to dress him in.  suggestions?
3. and if i don't take my lil' hornet to the local barber shop, he will not be able to see soon!  
There is my afternoon "to-dos"-  You guessed right, NO CLEANING, or LAUNDRY but i will cook dinner..... i would rather cook than listen to hungry boys complain about being hungry....and its daddyc's favorite meal...hurry home pumpkin!!!  

Monday, January 25, 2010

is your tie TOO white?

so really not much to blog about today... UN-event-FULL weekend we had....
a good story time on saturday at our local library...i just have to sit back a smile!  Look at my sweet children...ALL OVER THE PLACE...and look at all these other angels, SItTing, ListENing intently!

good thing i had my phone/camera to keep me busy... i wonder where they got it??
Just a good quiet dinner on Saturday, thanks to my sweet mom and dad.  Who by the way, the Lolly in our life is doing great after her chemo and looks really good too..... Downhill from here....well, maybe after the LAST chemo round this Thursday that is and while she may let us onto a little more than "downhill" ha! And it FloOdeD in my parts on Sunday morning which made getting to church (AcRosS the street for us) a little tricky....we drove....thats right folks, we DROVE across the street (partly due to the 2 feet of water gushing down the street and i didn't have a raft to get us there) but due to the fact we were only going 500 feet at most, i held my little lamb in my lap to make my life easier and to jump out quickly underneath shelter while daddyc parked the car..... Needless to say daddyc said "i know what i am doing for the lil' lamb's FIRST birthday in march.... driving around the parking lot with him in my lap"  I have never heard the littlest lamb laugh so very hard, who knows what it was but he could not catch his breath from sheer laughter...on the way home too..... it was a great way to start our rainy sunday!  don't you LOVE to hear a child laugh?

Then our big daddy and my monkey headed down to the boat show.... where apparently they got to fish, monkey caught a fairly big trout and unhooked him, in the process the fish fell to the floor, not to worry monkey grabbed him and threw him back (he was so proud to tell his daddy about that and had a sticker to prove it!)
Something else going on in our lives.

Thats right....Daddyc is attempting contacts....ATTEMPTING is good way to put it... It takes him only an hour a day to "try" to get them in and then i step in and do it for him.... I can expect him before lunch to pop in from work, due to the fact...they fell out, blurry, in backwards... Contacts are hard but "WE" are getting better and i feel if i ever need to wear them, i will be a pro.  Hang in there daddyc!  
And actually had a good friend ask me while over last week 
"how do you have nice things?  how do your boys NOT break all this sitting out?"  "i bet you walk around with a ruler tapping hands and won't let them do ANYTHING?"  
if you knew me or were ACTuAlLy "coming to my window" (which please don't my dog may truly KILL you and i don't need a lawsuit in my life, i have enough going on) you would see, unfortunately or ForTunately we really don't have too many rules, we play ball, shoot our little guns (which is a favorite of all ages, daddyc.), play chase, etc. DAILY in our happy home, which lends us to the look of "wild animals" when over at a fellow friends happy home, and to that i apologize over and over again-  we try to instill some manners along the way but really choose our battles and jumping on the furniture hasn't proved to be one of them YET.  Give us time.  So when i saw this most beautiful picture, i too thought..... how does she do it? keep it soo soo neat!  is YOUR tie too white?