Thursday, April 28, 2011

the CALM after the STORM

power goes OUT... School is canceled.... what do you do?
we load up and go to the zoo and i KNOW its not what YOU do because we were the ONLY SOULS there besides a sprinkle of zoo employees. 
 It was a glorious time, beautiful sunshine, and no complaints!!!!
we stayed a LONG time and did things we have not done in years, we usually do different things every time we come to the zoo!  we didn't leave until daddyc called to see if we would join him for lunch.  We were obliged!  
 we decided the kangaroos were BROTHERS and they TOO like to "fight" or play fight/play extremely ROUGH/ wrestle.... what do you call it?  And i claimed that must be the mama watching them, i hear ya, sometimes its best to just sit back and stay out of it.... Boys LIKE to play like this, rinse & repeat!
 we climbed on things we shouldn't, appears we pushed little brothers out of our way when need be...
 and then vise versa to the middle brother.  whatever floats their boat?  No one cried, No one got hurt- This is how we get it done i guess???
 we went behind fences built to keep STINKY BOYS OUT
 were so very excited to find the alligators back in their swamp (they migrated to Florida for the cold winter) and they got a tire swing while gone..... We REALLY wanted to go for a swing.... Really boys, right there OVER the resting alligator?  

 we had a most wonderful day together and made me so sad for kindergarten to start so soon next fall (or this summer rather) esp. when my monkey said "mama this is kinda like a weekend"  bless him.  We will all three miss him like crazy next year being gone SO LONG from our day!!!!

 they moved the darn turtles withOUT asking us first
 and oh my goodness had a CAT backhoe RIGHT there in the ZOO-  That was better than the lion show!!!  (FYI: that is a heavy piece of machinery- tractor type thing)
 my biggest baby pulled off some leaves and called this giraffe over who came with a trot....
 Until i got too nervous about him taking a finger and made him drop the leaves.... I think the giraffe are very people friendly-  Note to YOU:  if you go to the zoo and want to see the giraffes up close, pull out some food and call them over, THEY WILL COME!!!!!

 Note: if you chase the roosters around, they will turn back around at YOU and crow.... cocka doodle do!!!!

 i don't think i have EVER seen the owl display.  They had us at the old truck

 sand angels anyone?
 we tried to manage at home with no power for a minute or two and felt the need to go check on our big daddy who had some tree damage

Atleast with his generator we were able to see and cook a warm dinner!  I hope everyone stayed safe and is on the mend.  Our prayers go out to you and yours!  

luck be a lady

our storms in the deep south were terrible yesterday but somehow my happy home was spared.  Our big daddy's was NOT, just tree damaged in the yard, nothing too bad but a BIG clean up. but my prayers go out to all those in need and in worry.  
and on another note- REALLY?  REEEEAAAALLLYYY?  are we THAT obsessed with this wedding?? will you be watching it or dvr'ing it rather?  

Monday, April 25, 2011

just say YES!

i caved into my own thoughts, i knew i would.  i was going to dye eggs with the boys all along and you KNEW IT!!!  i will not say i was over joyed and will not say i didn't move it from "to do" list from "to do" list and FINALLY its a must do TODAY or else type thing....
the boys all had their Easter parties at school which resemble a Christmas celebration no less-  I got all three boys the needed items to party... 2 pizzas delivered for one class, 14 drinks for one class, treat bags for the other class.... 36 candy filled eggs for the 3 classes, Easter baskets or something close to hunt with... And we arrived ON TIME (it was close, i loaded them into the bathtub around 8:45, woke up my baby and threw him in 8:46, cleaned them all in record time and was across the street (yes, dripping wet hair) by 8:52, phew!!!. NO ONE WAS CRYING until, my middle baby, who likes to be a gentlemen too and hold the door (i tell you, i am so spoiled with all these boys) , only to let it go a smidge early and smoosh his littlest lambs fingers and HE WAS THE ONE crying...He doesn't like to hurt people and was so sad it happened.... i know... an angel he is!!!!

And the tough baby brother faired pretty well, still has his fingers in tact and his mama couldn't even pick him up and love on him due to the amount of things in my arms..... yes readers, as i type i am feeling the guilt.... I really think my baby is the toughest thing around!
But other than that, we had our Easter Egg Hunting face on. 
Yes, we were in seer sucker BOAT print outfits, it is EASTER NOT SUMMER but ya know, whatever!  i pick battles, this is not one i chose to battle and my littlest lamb LOVES BOATS and i like to let them chose their clothes!!!
 and a BALL, how did they know?
 just give him the candy and NObody gets hurt!!!

we have been catching butterflies moths

 building them top notch homes and feeding them our skittles.
 enjoying endless popsicles
Daddyc FINALLY planted his tomato seeds at random spots in the yard???  they have survived many a spring storm outside in their little carton (whatever you call those little things you plant the seeds in...)
 some dug holes right near the PATIO and another one dug a monster hole in the walkway to the swings... YAY boys!!!!
 and just say YES!!!!
Yes, we dyed eggs,
YES is was so messy,
YES, the boys loved it ,
YES, almost all were cracked in the process
NO, we will NOT consume a single one!!

And then we loaded up for our t'ball game!  yes, we won again, wink wink (they don't keep score for our t'ball league and so WE WIN EVERY GAME!) we packed our car, emptied our baskets in hopes the Easter bunny may find us at our Aunt Faye's house in Nashville......
I couldn't help but noticed the RULE "don't go through other people's purse does NOT apply to our Mimi's" the boys could NOT stay out of Mimi's purse for she holds the BEST MINTS EVER WAS and who knows what else is in there.....  

 and i don't know why the BUNNY brought age appropriate, kind of, things for my littlest lamb, he should know he is TWO going on TEN!!!  He doesn't have time for the baby things, he like the blasting rockets, to tackle, play ball full speed, jump and play rough on the trampoline.... so the bubbles were not half as cool as his big brother's surf board!  the bunny tried.
 aunt faye has a pond, an endless yard...

 (notice below the little orange fish floating)
Dear Fish,
please say we didn't cause this.
 climbing things

 then MORE aunts showed up with MORE Easter baskets and treats.....

 we wore our big cousins out, hiking, playing air hockey and ball.... we even had deer in our sight on Saturday night within a stones throw...
 our aunt vickie made some gourmet desserts, i had to show off the detailed cupcakes....
 i OVER indulged in the strawberry cake of course and am wishing i had a piece this morning!
 the egg hunt with 509 eggs. by the way, who in the world counted all those???

 while one clearly sports NO SHIRT, i can assure you the other one DOES have on shorts, his shirt is just a wee bit big.
 And thanks to our uncle Ed, even the littlest of the lambs was able to hunt.

NOT pictured:  my angels in their Easter get up.  They looks quite edible in their matching linen frocks.  When you are herding them from the bath to the car as not to be late, then STAYING ON TASK from the car to change clothes before i lost all three motivation to change, the camera was the last thing on my mind.  So just imagine them looking sweet and innocent! 
they made me kinda proud at big church.
the message was great of course. "love survives over death"
And they marched in with the most beautiful cross bearing ribbons of THOUSANDS all with little bells tied to them which put off a soft and beautiful noise.... 
My little lamb quickly picked up on this sight and sound within the first 30 seconds of arriving.... And it is VERY SAFE to say he climbed in his big daddy's lap and repeated (we have NO VOLUME control, just LOUD voice) "BELLS, BELLS!" then wait until he got your attention or until we were in prayer and then repeat "BELLS!)

And then i would get caught in the ever important message of such a glorious holiday and look down to notice my middle baby creating a piece of artwork on his bulletin with big nasty black gothic looking superheroes and the bad monsters.... totally kills the sweetness right in its tracks!  why do they like those horrible looking things?

Speaking of sweet, then i glanced over VERY IMPRESSED at how attentive and great my monkey was doing pay attention and bless his heart he was crying a steady stream of crocodile tears...... 
"what is wrong sweetie?"
"that man said Jesus is dead"
"no, no he was for a minute (or was it 3 days?) and then we celebrate this beautiful day because Jesus LIVES within us and in Heaven"  
we re-gained composure and got back to celebrating and by celebrating i mean eating until we could EAT no MORE!!!!!  
I hope you all celebrated with the ones you love the most, i hope you egg hunted with little ones and got to see their shining faces light up when they found the plastic eggs.  I also hope you have a neighbor as wonderful as mine who helped me take down the many of egg i hung in the tree out front.
(actually looking back, she was probably just as tired of looking at them as i was! ha!)