Tuesday, November 30, 2010

more giving thanks

our little beach village was decked to the 9s with holiday decor; although, i can not yet get "INTO" the holiday gear, i feel like i missed the fall season??
we biked one day.... Each adult had a child in tow...

"hey monkey, what was your favorite part about the beach?"
"ummm, biking with my big daddy..... it was SOOOOO fun; but big daddy didn't pull his end of the bike, i HAD TO do ALL the pedaling.... big daddy is so funny"  
"mom, can we go back to the beach this friday?"
we were lucky enough to have our "hunter" with us on our biking adventure... He made sure to shoot all the lions and bears along the way.... This child is our HUNTER.... And any hunter man ornament we have or HAD on our Christmas tree is now in his good graces..... to each their own, is that what they say? and yes, it is DRIVING my biggest baby CRAZY that the ornament is not in the correct space but we are working with it being OK to be out of order sometimes, ha.  Keep them on their toes... one LIVES to follow a rule and the other was born with the motto "rules are ONLY meant to be BROKEN....each and every one of the rules"  Together these boys are a piece of work!!! a masterpiece.
we climbed to the highest part of the tree houses we could manage.
ate BIG candy alligators
awaited our holiday parade by the fire
isn't Santa ALWAYS at the END.
sooo, we waited to sit and chat with him.
but waiting should NOT take so long...
And Santa should NOT be so big and scary when you get close...
i could NOT pry my littlest lamb off of me for the picture;
it is only ONE child... and that is just fine.
we saw a fireworks show to conclude to holiday tunes....
And did some holiday lantern making
"mom, this will LOOK GREAT on our tree"
"oh, and i think it will look even better in your room sweet angel"
is that mean?  have i truly lost my christmas spirit?"
and we witnessed a truly wonderfully made gingerbread display.... ALL out of edible food.  true talent.

 the details were amazing...all icing and food items....
on saturday the village was full of "jumpy" things... so fun.
we drove some water boats.
more skating for us.
and while i like to fly by the seat of my pants, so to speak, my monkey kept reminding me 
gosh, he is his big daddy's CLONE.  I agreed with him and tried to really slow down and help him BALANCE.....
we bear hunted on the playground.
and spotted some folks we knew.
some rode the merry-go-round.
daddyc stayed barside as he was able to watch some football.  war eagle!
we did the Hot tub at night.
one of the many pools to enjoy.
And lastly, we had this wonderful fireplace that came on by the switch of our hand.... Heaven!
that concludes are thanksgiving adventure. and YES, of course, my HALLS ARE DECKed for Christmas... coming soon....

Monday, November 29, 2010

just US

we were beach bound for the Thanksgiving Holiday this year.  Change is good....sometimes.
but first things first.... our aunt susu came in town and we couldn't sneak away without celebrating "smith" style at our mimi's house.
the kiddie table...full!!!!
a little love
a favorite place of interest is MIMI's CLOSEt....where else?
 our BAY view at the beach....
 first things FIRST....ice cream cone!
and a trip to PIRATE ISLAND
on the bridge to pirate island
paradise for sure

a pirate roost
home away from home
we were so excited to find baby caroline at the beach too!
the happiest, best baby EVER was.... good parents?  good genes?  whatever it is, she is the best i have ever seen!  
we dined fancy for Thanksgiving.
very festive, very much missing our lolly.....
more love.
and as i sit here and "blog" i am THANKFUL to have my littlest lamb BACK, he is a big daddy's baby and will NOT share or leave his arms....so he is curled up in my lap as we i type....bliss! And i can NOW justify allowing JUST my monkey to go spend weekends with his big daddy.... He gets NO time when my little lamb is around... And God BLESS a middle baby.... he gets in where he fits in.   But not to fret, i think we have more than enough love for all of them....
i took my monkey ice skating for the first time.  he did great!  lucky for me... i got to ice skate AGAIN and AGAIN.... The village sets up an ice skating rink in the winter months....very clever!
more to come.... santa was there... 
i hope you and yours had a happy thanksgiving holiday weekend.