Tuesday, August 31, 2010

oh happy day!

"Every heart has a hidden treasure - a secret wish, a silent dream - a special goal to hope and long for."
- Jill Wolf

"How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something, but to be someone."
- Coco Chanel

"Everyone has inside him a piece of good news.  The good news is that you don't know how great you can be!  How much you can love!  What you can accomplish!  And what your potential is!"
- Anne Frank

Monday, August 30, 2010

fall is creepin'

and i am missing summer already before its even gone... ALTHOUGH... FALL IS MY MOST FAVORite TIME Of year EVER EVER.... long day OUTSIDE, it feels TOO darn good to come in,  warm sunshine that is NOT blistering my babies virgin skin,  oh i just LOVE IT.... but must be prepared... I am washing, ironing and putting away my white jeans... yes, i am somewhat stuck in the tradition, white goes away after labor day but OFF white, whole nother story.... What will YOU buy into this fall?

Regular Prici love these... if you buy it DO NOT tell me please..... i just may HATE you forever.....
 unless your buying them for ME that is!!!!

Regular Pric

don't dout me

i can NOT wait to make on of these, maybe today!!!!   My dining room just got a purpose.... 
and we are NOT into puppets... but if you are....
do this
so i am SOOOOOO wishing i could go to the fabric store and find some cute fabric to make my boys fort out of... would that be considered wasteful???  you are right, what i should do is use an old sheet......  but now, i am not much for doing what i SHOULD do now am i!!! stay tuned....
oh and this too
rainy days just got exciting!!!

jimmy choos & tennis shoes

a little this and that of our smith family weekend..... First things FIRST... i got my baby niece for a little while on Friday.... NO one was thrilled to have her, i had 3 "helpers" to feed her peas, pears, & a bottle.... Let me tell you, with little helping hands, peas don't stay on that little slippery spoon like they should..
Dear Caroline,
Thank you for your patience.   Its safe to say that Sam loves YOU more than life itself.

i buckled this angel into a safe and sound BABYswing and loaded my little lamb on a "whatever this thing is"....
he LOVED it... 

my little lamb loves his mama, and usually does not like to share any of my love whatsoever.... I was proud of him friday though.   I had sweet caroline in my arms for a better part of the time and he was so brave and never uttered a single whine.   
"See my littlest monkey,  it will be OKAY!!!!"

a perfect angel.... waiting and wishn' for her cousin Molly Lynn to get home safe and sound!!!
my biggest baby LOVES holding her and that would be my hornet's little sweet hand rubbing her head.... he is hardly a hornet with babies, HE LOVES THEM and couldn't be more smitten with baby caroline.

Dear aunt holly,
I am not really sure why she never took her morning nap......  well, i guess i can sum it up and say "its not what you would call RELAXING at our happy home"  
she watched the little boys jump from chair to chair and run around in amazement.... she just can't wait to get in the action... At 8 months old, my little angel is EVERYWHERE and scared of NOTHING and NO ONE!! look out....
we are in fact trying to work on INDOOR manners and what is and isn't right to do...but this is the playroom no less, so i say
not to worry, we had a dr. in the house, just in case....
and just like that we headed to our FINAL night at the pool with friends. sniff sniff......   Good-bye summer and friday night pool nights... we will miss you so much!!!! 
(charlie just HAD to take a picture of me and a princess) not too bad?? he almost got my whole head

a little Saturday. poolside and supperclub, always a riot....
And our FIRST sunday school of the year-
and first year NOT to be my monkey's teacher, i kinda worried
"did he listen?" 
"was he going to make it to music on his own?"
then daddyc rolled his eyes,...
"he is almost 5.  he has not 1 but 2 teachers to lead him in a line to music and keep him safe"
so i had to ask
"what did you talk about at sunday school today pumpkin?"
oh, you know mom, like how God got to heaven and how me, sam and whit got here in the world
dying to know...
"well, How DID God get to Heaven?"
Mom...like he was exhausted of my questions....
"in a HUGE HUGE MONSTER TRUCK" like i was the dumbest person for not knowing
so i kept on
"well, how did you and your brothers get here"
"you got married mom, thats how"
GOsh, that sounds easy enough, maybe i WILL grant your wish and give us another baby........ that is easy breezy...Right new moms?
so after a successful sunday school lesson we headed for a fancy brunch with our big daddy.... it was quiet, the boys were NOT, we had RED juice and a white tablecloth, great food, my crew ate orange rolls and cookies.... and after MUCH bribing, they took to the outdoor space to run around!!!!

if i could ONLY get over this wall, i feel for sure i could FLy down this mountain!!
its written in the bylaws... one MUST always step in puddles!

what happened??
And couldn't be a weekend without a partee to attend....
FULL of SUPERHERO boy & girls.
superhero cupcakes... it is better than Christmas morning!!!!

thats is our big birthday boy!  BATMAN!!!
and here is birthday boy's little sidekick... she is making up for lost not so sweet times... She loves to hug Whitmore and is so sweet.... They have a love hate relationship, the first year....  if he got too close she would "deal" with him the best way she knew how....  HE is aware and will usually run or give whatever is in his hands to her as fast as he can, although now, all she wants is some love.... 
Be patient princess, he will come around and forget soon. wink wink
and birthday boy's daddy
a little bit of info.  the mommies & daddies went down more times than the kids i think????  it was so fun... Do you think my little lamb is having fun? or about to cry for his mama???

   we did this for 2 straight hours... so fun!!!!  next up, a climbing wall, one handed..... SUCCESS!!!
i think there are MORE moms and dads than kids on this one
these two are total trouble... fearless!!! i can't wait to watch them grow up together two doors down and 4 weeks apart... Hopefully their daddies (who are the bestest of friends and grew up together) will remember the things "they did growing up" and can hold down the fort of wild behavior.... we'll see???
that is our whole little smith family of 5 at the bottom of the slide!!!
and when we tired out another sweet daddy took my little lamb.  I did attempt to let him try this alone but at a little shy of 18 months i was fearful that he may FLIP down the slide and break his little neck so i played it safe by sending him with BIG people who probably made him go down even faster....... what do they say about hind sight??

my biggest and littlest baby are the best of friends.... while the middle one is not far between
HE FOLLOWS NO ONE.  doesn't care what anyone else does and KNOWS what he wants....  And yesterday it was to sit close to the cupcakes and a princess!!

still waiting.....
happy monday!  
Molly is doing great... glucose levels are on the ups and she may get to come out of NICU soon... Prayers are powerful. thank you! Her big sister can't wait to hold her and boss her around!!!