Monday, February 28, 2011

lunch and good weather

go hand in hand, don't they?
On Sunday, my mom's sisters came in town and cousins drove over for a family lunch.   Our big daddy grilled us some yummy yummy chicken and the kiddos enjoyed ALL day outside!   We have lots of birthday to be thankful for.... uncles, my boys, aunts, and our own aunt Holly's birthday is today...
 do NOT let my monkey's face fool you, Our baby Caroline had only been there for ONE minute tops and he rushed over yelling i wanna hold her first.... I hated to break it too him but our little princess is a  busy bee now and doesn't have much time to sit and be held.   wink wink.

 yes, we are having ISSUES, with my middle baby keeping his clothes on.... It is NOT something he enjoys doing as you can tell and if we are home....this child is naked ALL the time!!!!!    Note to self:  must work on getting this child to stay dressed.....starting TOMORROW!!!

 And this week, my baby of all my baby, the littlest lamb TURNS TWO... sniff sniff.....   I think this is when i would start begging for yet another baby in my happy home....but we are just going to continue "trying" to find time to spoil and love the three blessings God has given us and call it a day!!   But just FYI, PLEASE bring your BABY to my house.... I am in need!!!!! as mine are growing up all too fast.....

easy come, easy go

Happy Birthday to my BIG 3 year old and my bigger 2 year old!
we had a SUPER party on Saturday to celebrate these angels.
 we blew up balloons bright and early Saturday morning.....  Is there ANYTHING more exciting than a bunch of balloons?  i wanna know!

 And we i baked some "super" sugar cookies to go along with our party!
 Gotham City

 Nothing like homemade decor, or is there?

 some super "tats" just to make moms scrub EXTRA hard for church the next day to get them off or to make their precious angel look "adorable" either one?

 capes, boas, beads, oh my.

old pros who thought they were pretty "big" 


 And daddyc was pumped to get his hands on one of our newest additions.....  Its quite possible she has more hair than he does?  And it is for sure possible that he scared this precious angel!!!

Happy happy birthday to my SuPeR babies!  I love you too much!