Wednesday, September 30, 2009


first and foremost i would like to brief you all on my world.  after all i am not one to jump right into something without researching, reading, and following directions step by step (laugh now if you know me, wait a week or two if you don't and soon you too will get a good laugh).  so jumping back in before testing the waters i wanted to set the stage for this blog.  I am just another stay at home mommy who loves my babies dearly.  My husband, Charles, a.k.a, daddy-o to my most precious babies and i met in the loveliest village on the plains.  he had me at hello, no who am i kidding i just have always wanted to say that.  but a couple weeks after the hello i was sold!!!!   We have been living it up ever since and each day brings more and more joy to my heart and gladness that he is here with me to enjoy this journey called life.  I can honestly say he is my best-est, friend that is.  

Anyway, we tackled our first born almost 4 years ago, charlie, aka my biggest baby, monkey, utter and total sweetness (his lolly calls him bug to which he just told her a couple weeks ago, its charlie now lolly).   Charlie is a good kid, follows most all rules, likes to be told when and where and what the plan is for the day, surprises are not always a good thing, and really enjoys ME anytime and all the time.  Big fat mommy's boy to say the least.  No one can take my place doing anything....which sound nice but jeez laweez somedays its trying!!!  he is coming into this independence thing with full speed and i swear if he could run his he thinks....we are working on this- be patient, as i mentioned before this is our first born and slow and easy is key with this one......... we are so proud of charlie and couldn't love him more!

BUT the next one.....2 years and 4 months down the road rocked the boat, the house, and its a constant shake now.   we named him sam.  i feel for sure if he talked well enough he would bust in the door and say "my name is sam by damn" thats the feel he gives ya.  we all know he is there (we are all tremendously glad he is here too, don't read me wrong)  he is the ONE! you know those, who your day revolves around their mood or if it doesn't you are strongly reminded why it should have.   we share a stubborn streak so you can imagine what the afternoon holds on NO nap days.  anywho, i will refer to this sweet angel as hornet, ranger, fire fly, bam bam......  he answers to anything and loves to be held and if you met him you would think he was an only child or atleast first born.  he continues to light up my life everyday, in a good way, is talking up a storm and loves to cuddle. we couldn't love him more!  

learning how to arrange the pics. sorry about the scramble... but doesn't my little hornet look truly edible to the right on his FIRST day of mothers day out last month 
Then about 12 months later, thats right folks count the days, do your research and say it under your breathe WOW!!!!!  came the sweetest little angel whitmore mitchell smith..... he is the happiest little boy, and i am really enjoying everything about him.  so far he is just the typical third child, hangs out and goes with the flow.  so there we are, ta da! my family of five. 

we have two labs, baylor and tucker.  a chocolate lab that is 9 years old- going on 15 if you saw him in person  (and please don't come over the house is a mess) and tucker our black lab, very playful the boys love to play with him, he is 6.   they are inside dogs or just where ever we are, there they are too!  they sleep in our room and drive us crazy at feeding time.  ruff ruff!!!!   
like their new Auburn collars?  they wear them well i think.... and yes, that above is sweetness playing on the porch!! (being sweet)

key note guests:  our parents live in town, our siblings are here too, lots of sweet friends.  i talk to my mom daily multiple times and incase you didn't know she is fighting the hardest battle of her life, breast cancer, so say a quick prayer for her and dad too-  thats a whole other post to come sometime.  there we are in a nutshell! charles, amy, charlie, sam, & whitmore

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Preface for tomorrow

Have the advil, no, wine ready we should arrive around five. And the Cloroseptic spray (however you spell that) ready because pretty sure my little hornet will scream the second half of the trip. My oldest monkey and I can hardly wait to pull out the Halloween decor. Have I failed to mention my OCD with organizing.... All in orange Tupperware with black lids for afterall how would you know what to pull out?

My birthday is creeping

Say it ain't so. Who am I kidding? Certainly not the wise ole hubby. I am a huge birthday celebrate-er as I can only hope I am among fellow celebrate-ers here. I began in august (and oh by the way my birthday is on halloween) I treated myself to a spa day at old Edwards in highlands, NC. Thank you self, that was needed! And oh yeah I treated myself to an I-phone (happy birthday to me). I can't wait to see what else is in store. Failed to mention I am turning 3•0!

Havn' a Good Time. (if you could hear me singing this song) (you'd join in,right?)

So my eldest baby 3, my middle baby 18 months, and my end of end all baby 6 months. I will say that a lot through this blog relationship we got going on... One thing you will learn is I love babies and children in general, I'd have a million but in return be divorced so I am hanging my elastic waist jeans in your closets and do my best to never take mine for granted. Back to the beach. Havn' a good time. Pitched the beach tent, closest hubby or I will ever get to camping, ha! And lugged sandy wet boys in and out and back in and back out....a couple days they were naked little boys being toted too ( the beauty of going in the fall NO one is there)pictures coming soon we are quite the busy bees down here and have been set on go since we unpacked. We replaced the two crabs, our middle hornet let go this morning for the oldest monkey. We named him side step, very fitting I think. Cheers!

it appears we had NO pictures taken with mommy.....there will be another beach trip, right?


I am being the unorganized and whatever person I am NOT. I knew we were spending this week at the beach and besides the few new beach toys (thank you end of season sale)and sunscreen (if you know my sweet hubby you know he uses a WHOLE bottle per visit in the sun)(And if you know my even sweeter dad you could hear him saying "chuck,do that outside"). Anyway, I threw all 5 of us together in an hour or so and we were beach bound.... Bye doggies we will miss you but not at your meal times! Thank adopted neighbor of mine for caretaking and oh by the way could you get the mail too

Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh Hey.

Me. So why am I doing this because I can honestly say I have not a spare moment in my little world to do this. Well... I love to read procrastinate so that when I finally get there all three babies will be crying and I can raise my voice and use those ugly tones (you know those tones) that I am telling them not to use! What a true cupcake I sound like. Back to basics, I don't have time to read these days. My happy nests holds three bouncing boys ages 3 (almost four he would argue), 18 months, and 6 months... There take that as my excuse but not to fret I attend two separate book clubs and drink wine and listen (you are right mom, that is no strong point of mine) anywho, I love to write and glare at my beautiful journal my second mom, Mary m. Gave me with a even cuter pen box and have yet to make an entry so this will a Window to Our Home that I am welcoming you all into so graciosly.... Aren't I a most•fabulous host?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here we go.•.

Well for those who know me, those in need of a laugh (you have to laugh or you'll cry and afterall would't you rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints), and for those mommies of little monkeys in their house who can relate and those who have forgotten (some on purpose I am sure), and just about anyone else. I hope you find something in here that inspires you or atleast makes you smile. enjoy!

here they are folks.... ta da!  the loves of my life who keep me from doing more things like this so as you read KNOW, i am depriving this little fellas