Monday, March 29, 2010

daydream BElieve-N'

Daydreaming about days when my mom is healed and feeling better OR just okay, anything but how she feels now.... She is back in hospital AGAIN and has one of her bestest by her side, as she said "they are having a spend the night party"....Dad got to work a few minutes this morning before rushing back home.....

NOT believing i survived the wild weekend....times were good.... I am sorry i didn't take pictures of our friday night fun, OR saturDAY or NIGHT fun anyway.  I did snap the Easter Egg hunt, the old mill garden club's was good, the boys ate enough candy to kill a small dog and i did not keep up with the middle baby very well which made some other moms very nervous (they must not know my middle child?) and daddyc, well, he enjoyed the golf course- apparently Easter Egg Hunts ARE NOT his thing?!?
whoever said POPSICLES are enjoyed by holding the stick are just plain SCARED of getting STICKY!! 

the annual egg hunt just so happened to be held at one of my monkey's bestest happy home...

they had real bunnies, goats, & chickens... And if you could have seen my middle baby's face when we walked up..."MAMA GOaTs" you would have them every time he came over.... you are right, HE IS HIGH MAINTENANCE no dout!

My lil' hornet set up shop here and totally lost sight of the Egg Hunting all together which suited me just fine.... Monkey took to another sweet family and didn't think twice as i kept an eye on the littlest lamb and hornet....(for the most part anyway!)

after miss priss dumped out the chalk my lil' lamb decided he better hunt for his OWN eggs (with the chalk bucket no less) if he wants to see a piece of candy.....
some ate cheese straws and cupcakes while others ate Massive amounts of candy 

and played with bubbles and the last one.....

 he took to the back yard and played in the dirt and jumped his little heart out and then begged to stay overtime when the party closed shop..... he won that battle and stuck it out! 

i was proud of my biggest baby for egg hunting on his own, no complaining, and no tattling when someone else beat him to an egg, needless to say it doesn't take much to make this mama proud but when they all three take to different areas.... he is the ONE who is left to fend for himself more often than i would like.... they say its part of being oldest, i wish it wasn't!!

On SUNDAY, we hauled to our lolly's and had planned to celebrate our uncle chris' birthday.... we made it for about 5 hours and had to retreat back home....the hunger from trying to wait until a decent hour to eat dinner and not in the afternoon got the boys down and teeth cutting really got to our middle child and ME!!!!  
Dear 2 year molars,
really? why? why now? why at the same time as our littlest lamb's FIRST molars?

Dear motrin makers,
lots of love, 
one tired mama

the boys only came in to speak and then took to the yard for the rest of the day....

our big daddy was RIGHT, the ground was too wet to off road that day....

appears that our middle child did NOT help too much, just looking for what he can TAKE!

but backup moved in and helped a brother out

and while at 13 months old we don't do much in the way of tricks he does give some mad kisses!  I don't know how many people enjoy them as much as his mama and daddy do but its a sweet though, right?

this is about par for what i see of this baby each day....running straight outside and never to come in.....

a flash to 12 years down the road.... My heart is not yet ready to cope with that thought yet.

and seems to be some explaining "daddy thats a MESS over there" 
daddy: "well, who made that mess Sam?"
sam: "Sam did daddy"

and have i failed to mention that apparently my middle baby gave up FOOD for lent.... I hope he can make it this LAST week before Easter..... he had skittles on sunday.... thats about IT!!!

no, no, thats right his big daddy snuck him a candy cane or FOUR throughout the day....

one of daddyc's favorite people in the world smocked this bubble for my biggest baby i think? or was it the middle? i think there are ONE TOO many babies, i am losing track....

a stick
a tractor

a firetruck
& uncle chris' 30 year old starwars village
plus lolly, big daddy & our aunt vickie made for a fun sunday afternoon!