Friday, May 25, 2012

Growing pains

Well.... It is time. Their growing causes this mama heart pain.... I am so sad kindergarten is over! My boys are big before I had time to turn around and last night as we conclude our years of kindergarten and mothers day out year, daddyc took two outta three boys to get ice cream as requested the last ranger stayed by his mamas side; he snapped a picture to text me of those edible messy faces and I quote
( from my 6 year old). " dad, where are you sending that?"
Charles: "to mommy!"
Charlie: " phew! Just as long as it doesn't get put on Facebook!"

Seriously? I guess it is time to end this chapter and not broadcast my little Indian's days. And time for me to use my time more wisely... In the yard with THEM. blogging has been fun but I can't help but notice the boys growing left and right and how blogging is now becoming a chore so that is all folks.

It's a wrap!

( sorry the past months pics didn't upload in due time..... If need updates and visuals on "us". Come on over... Come to our window).

Thursday, May 24, 2012


the latest post had so many cute pictures but after a week of uploading and captioning... I AM DONE!!!!!
they didn't post or save so until the IT guy comes thats all folks.  done and done.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

hold what you got....

back in the day... oh 6 months ago, no really the past 3 years, my boys would finish my "singing" tune of "HOLD ON.... I'm COmin', HOL D ON.... i'm comin'"
As i was movin' and shaken to the best of my ability juggling these little indians i call babies. well, we are big now, sniff sniff.   
And when i have a moment to stop and think. 
I NEVER have a moment to stop and think...... 
rinse and repeat.
I get sad i have no cute little bouncing boys in bubbles.... 
But i have many a new love of watching them on dirt bikes, four wheelers, in the pool, on stage, on bikes, on the ball field, etc.   
And i HAVE MANY MANY a pity party moment as their buddies all have their grandmothers front row.... It has been two years without my mom......  two long but short years of new-ness.  Many just knew our family, extended and all would crumble without our "boss lady"...... look at us.... We are finding a new way to be whole..... 

My biggest baby talks of my mom, his LOLLY, ALL THE TIME.... ALL THE TIME!!!!  It warms my heart and breaks my heart all the while.   I can remember how she lived for and through them.   She called me in her sickest state crying the morning of my biggest baby's first thanksgiving "performance" and so in her last minutes of life on Earth...LITERALLY, i kissed her head, whispered secrets no one could here and Busted my tail to sit FRONT ROW at my biggest baby's mothers day show, i knew that is where she would have me be, not in the hospital room in tears......  I don't know how i did that.  but i did.  
And today i sat through the same show, same songs and all for my middle baby and will attend my biggest baby's on thursday..... And i miss my mom for these mother's day events.   I miss her for the boys-  I miss one of their biggest fans-  I'm sad because i too had a big fan in my grandmother who NEVER missed a darn thing i did and spoiled me rotten and i lost her and every event through life, i am reminded how i sure would like to have her on the side lines or on the other end of the phone in the least.  so here is to another mother's day!   
Dear boys,
I love you too much and each day you are at school... i miss you like crazy!!
You are the best there ever was.

 mothers day art from my little in the middle....

hats off....

we placed our bets... some on horses... other bets on how many cocktails one could consume in a given 12 hours.... SUCCESS!!!!
 margaritas in a mint julep cup... YES please!!!!

 Entertainment for days.... And a little music on the side!
 Daddyc, a.k.a. my better half stressing over the bets.... shoot, who are we kidding throw the money in the pot and get back to drinkn'... which i may add started rather early.... when ole' college buddies stop by and memories start flooding thru... i can't help but loosen up the my tie (and just to bring everyone up to speed, mine and my better half's ties ARE NOT TOO WHITE....  come to think of it, they may not even be beige..... lets call them COLORFUL!!!!)  Anyway, our down home friends choice of stories etc. choice of words, choice of actions, choice of stopping by (THANK YOU!) remind me to unstuff my attitude if you will..... Unwind, you have but ONE LIFE... And as God as my witness, it may be a short one for those we love the most.....  As for me and my plus one, we would like to THINK we "STILL GOT IT".....eeekkkk! and our fellow late nighters (thanks for NO pics of those hours) may feel deeply sorry for us, but hey, we like to have a good time and the best part is we could not care LESS what anyone thinks!   Cheers.  We LOVE to pretend to bring our A game.

 seriously, no joke, i wore the necklace i work out in, a beach hat from 10 years back and didn't re-shower after ball park baseball.   WAR EAGLE!!!!  

 Dear kaylea, I am just kinda mad..... I missed my front row partner in crime late night but your hubby held up a pretty good court for you both, wink wink.  I have HIGH EXPECTATIONS SOONER rather than later.  

yes, my plus one is doting TWO glasses... that is about par for our night!  
Hats off to Derby Day!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

the show goes on.....

 charlie, 6 years old
 Sam, 4 years old.  That is ninja war paint NOT eye black, in case you are wondering....
 whitmore, 3 years old.... going on 10.

 who teaches boys to always look serious in pictures.  Boys, it is OKAY to smile.  seriously!!!

 that would be my headband around his waist.  yes!!!!

 street fun.

nice little sunday.  Happy Monday to you!!!

where were we?

 or where have we been.... EVErYwHErE!!!!  shark parties, panning for "real" shark teeth...super cool.

 we have gotten haircuts.... usually better the second week after a little growth..... there is such a fine line of a "good" haircut for boys....
 we celebrated our daddyc's birthday.... He LOVES his birthday and we love cake so it works out!!!
 the "kids" table at our mimi's house has dropped to 4... LOOK OUT!!! the TWO BIG 6 year olds are moving on up....

 we have been enjoying our local zoo.... Enjoying lots of parks and popsicles....
 the picture above does not look good, does it?  I can almost put money that it most likely wasn't a "kind" gesture....
we have been to "pirate" parties, with the coolest balloon maker EVER..... 

 Happy birthday to the Falkner boys!!!  How cute is frank's hat?

 we have traveled with ones we love the most on a very last minute trip after noticing we had a "by" week in baseball... woo hooo!  we took full advantage.

 we brought panama jack. aka. daddyc-  only kidding, we kinda like the old man hat, wink wink.

 a future wrecking crew.... 
 we did lots of nightly playground adventures.... the boys LOVE LOVE LOVE playing hide n go seek on this playground at night?
 they also think its pretty cool to "belly up" the the bar with the local bar goers and get waters when needed.....

 we LOVE our boys a wee amount......
 ALTHOUGH, as an "on looker" one may think other wise as it appears to me daddyc gave the oldest a swift kick into the pool......  I can promise this is "fun" as they tell me.... Seems like torture and abuse to me.....

 then moving right along.... Our biggest baby was in the church musical... he had a speaking part and NAILED it.... we were so proud of him as you can imagine....

 other little monkeys can't wait to share the stage when they get a couple years under their own belts.
 we stayed in our seats row and worked on being boys instead of animals and keeping our shoes ON for MOST of the time.  success!!

 that is my biggest' running mate speaking too.  look out! Nothing like some moral support on the mic.

 we have been on many a walks and runs and the black dog is thankful for wonderful trails right outside our door.
 we are mostly thankful for WATER and wonderful neighbors who bring much joy to us everyday!!!

 hello, NO shirts, NO shoes..... Life is good.
we spend a lot of our time at ball fields.... This is our Last year where us mamas can kinda place our boys on same teams.... And i will say, i'm sad... for many reasons.  The main reason being our Cici, this middle angel's grandmother, one of our biggest fans spoils us ROTTEN each and every game.... treats, waters, keeping us safe from parking lots....etc. etc.  I'm not so sure they don't think Cici is THEIR grandmother too.   
hopefully i will update the ole' blog in less than a months time but can't promise anything.   We have been blessed beyond belief recently or FOREVER really but really picking up and thanking God more than ever for all we have and have been given and what is to come.  We are overcome with happiness in our little family of 5 and just seeming to enjoy the phase of life we are in.