Sunday, November 29, 2009

O Christmas Tree...

On saturday, we loaded up bright and early to the much anticipated Christmas Tree Farm (it was 45 degrees when we left home.... I was the ONLY one who would wear a coat)

santa welcomed us with a sign and Mrs. Claus told us to relax "thank you Mrs. Claus, i needed that reminder because it is a mere 70 degrees NOW and i am wearing a coat and scarf and toted one sometimes TWO babies all over this MOUNTAINOUS terrain you have here, so give me time (and a shot of tequila!) i am working on the "relaxing" part but enjoying watching my boys run wild"

Let me first say we loved our tractor ride and second mention that farmer joe here driving has forgotten what its like to have a toddler in tow, we stopped at each fellow tree farm goer to speak to them (and let me say also that farmer joe KNEW everyone) and each time we stopped my lil' hornet wanted to bail out very badly....or jump ship over the side.....  but we made it and were glad to take the ride!!

the boys raced to most every landmark on the farm?  i don't ask i just love to listen to the laughter that it brings from all participating!

You don't have to guess what my middle angel's favorite part was, do you?  sure we called it a HE'ES, (that is horse, hese i guess would be a better spelling?) i feel for sure he would have tried to get in and ride them if we allowed.... it was something beautiful watching his little eyes light up at the sight-

more racing, keeping themselves busy with a little made up game while daddyC talked trees with a "treeman"

and after finalizing our tree we had to haul it back up the hill, well, some of us (me and daddyC) the rest of our crew got a free ride!

the morning spent at the tree farm wore our little christmas elves out.....

for some reason, when my boys hit home, their shoes come off!

we had a LOT of little 'Helpers" to decorate the tree once we got it in and unbound....
i think the ladder was the coolest part!

i don't love the tree i gotta admit, i don't know why....should i remove the trailing ribbon?  let it trail at an angle?  add more lights? I will have to think about it but probably let it go for this year seeing how the ornaments were hung by a four year old and in little clusters, i don't think the ribbon does much anyway!!!

monkeys favorite thing is the village, he loves it (what is left of it, that his middle baby brother has not broken into), so thanks big daddy for going to get us some tables and then delivering and setting them up for us-
these moss presents look better in person..... i hope! so we are getting somewhere with the decor slowly but surely..... Come Monday we shall have mailbox, door, lamp post and interior wreaths hung by wide red ribbon?  i will may post pictures.  Merry EVERYTHING! Happy ALWAYS!  
Oh and if you have lost your christmas spirit watch a Christmas movie with a 4 year old-  I am so excited for him!  we get to see the big guy again tonight at a lighting event!  Although; Charlie ask me this morning "mom, is the santa tonight going to be REAL?"  Not knowing what to say i just flowed with "yes!" and changed the subject as quick as i could..... he is quite the question guy so i was surprised at how well that ended.  Another way to brighten your mood is to go to church and watch the 4 year olds sing..... HYSTERICAL!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009



i thought it perfect; when typing "believe" in the title of this blog.... esp. when i have just purchased a book titled "believe" for mom and walked by my adorable santa milk/cookies cup (chipped thanks to my lil' hornet) and plate and it too reads believe, and now audrey slaps me in the face with this quote above first thing this morning?

what do YOU believe in? a start to a better world? a better life? a better future? santa claus? cure for cancer? it is simply our believing that will make it all happen.  

belive in something big.  your life is worth a noble motive.  walter anderson

believe that NOTHinG is too good to be true.  believe that you MUSt take a chance.

believe that some boundaries are meant to be crossed.  ( i can hear daddyc saying in his head "the title of my wife's life")

when you have exhausted all possibilities, remember you have not.  thomas edison

believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

believe you may be that light for someone else.

believe you are blessed.

the more you praise and celebrate your life; the more there is in life to celebrate. oprah winfrey  (thank you oprah, just another reason to go out and celebrate!!)

believe in doing the right thing, because its right.  (and because i find it helps you sleep better at night!)

and last but not least.....

BELieve the best is yet to be.

do not let your fire go out in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at all.  do not let the hero in your soul perish, in frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach.  check your road and the nature of your battle.  the world you desire can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours.  ayn rand

i also believe in this.... and think if you have a best be purple from hip to ankle and your mama better buy you some bunny slippers!
and i believe in this angel's spirit....always happy, always 100%, always up for a good time, always smiling with no one complaint!
dear MK, can i bottle up and store your personality in my pocket?
and i BELIEVE christmas is near so...... my boys awoke to one gift each (a family tradition of ONE new ornament catered towards YOU the day after thanksgiving)

a sock monkey, a gun, and aubie
and lastly BELIEVE it or NOT i am almost done decorating for christmas.

Friday, November 27, 2009


we had a good thanksgiving day... to "grandmothers" house we went...not exactly over the river and thru the woods but down hwy. 280 and through a village no less... we were happy to find some family who traveled near and far to celebrate our thankfulness with!  i regret not bringing the camera inside but we were thankful for lolly and big daddy's woods to romp and run in (i was thankful the boys are getting to enjoy each other, the woods for them to play in, the fact that they were not too cold, and the rocks to throw at the neighbors dogs....what?? if you heard these dogs bark you'd agree), i was thankful my mom was out of the bed and in her chair and at the end of the day, me, my monkey and hornet were thankful for charlie brown's thanksgiving program on tv and we all piled in my bed to watch (who i did NOT remember charlie brown to be so negative and say "stupid" so many times......All and all my boys and I enjoyed our time with family. some things i am thankful for...
1. my mom having a "good" day yesterday.... i was beginning to wonder if we would have one again....
2. my dad, having the patience of the dear Lord himself, his honesty, ability to ONLY say nice things, treat all people equal (bigger deal with little indians and older ones alike), ability to "do it all" with a smile on his face, take on all my brood (and is the happiest man alive when all three are there, i kinda think he is better than even me with all of them)
3. i am ever so thankful of my family by marriage, my in laws, etc.  who have welcomed me in as their own and always do so much
4. my dear husband,  my bestest friend, who treats me like a true princess,  is my biggest fan, who never says "NO" ever actually...i am racking my brain thinking of a time when he said "amy, no, that is NOT going to happen" always the same response "i'll see what i can do, be there in a sec., sounds good to me, if you really love it (i think we BOTH know, i don't really love everything but it makes it easier on him if i say yes),  my kisses good-bye & hello & in between; although it does make my little boys jealous (they have so much to learn! i am basking in their innocence though), constant i love yous, smiles and laughs and the good deep down laughs he shares with the boys playing....thats the best part!!! And his never ending being that keeps me happy and smiling ALL the time... We are the couple YOU love to HATE who never fight,  (could be the small part where all i do is right, he can make everything okay and the constant support?), always happy with each other, can't get enough, always up to "celebrate" each other and LIFE and do so regularly as most of you know.  so today as everyday i am thankful for daddyc!! (although: sitting here with all three boys, a messy house....while he is knee deep in bourbon at the game, i am wondering just how thankful is he of ME!) luckily i have kate and MK to share some time with.... i am so thankful for the two of those girls!
5. my boys!  they are the lights to my life, i can't imagine life without them and i may just may have had another one if i could guaranteed it too being another BOY! (don't worry readers, its NOT going to happen)  i love each and every one of them, all different, all wonderful gifts from God!
6. my dogs... my long 9 year and going strong guard dog, who i feel with him by my side i could take on the alley ways downtown- he may just kill someone who messes with me, i sure wouldn't dout it!
Tucker, my other black dog, sweet like candy, always up for a good cuddle session, just really there to keep everyone happy and to keep me forever in debt to the vet with allergy meds!
7. my extended family for all they do, and listen too ;)  and the constant caretaking of my mom. thanks guys! we couldn't do it without you.
8. my monkey, for being so good most all the time, always worrying about doing the right thing, for our daily time together just the two of us, cuddling, reading, saying "funny" things that make him laugh hysterically (that kinda gets on my nerves but the smiles just can't stop it....), for his love of fruit and my love of him so that i can peel and slice it every hour, for his sweet little voice constantly reminding me how much he loves me "to the moon and back" and the constant "your the bestest mommy ever" and his constant bringing me fresh flowers (from anywhere, your yard, mine, the stores pretty landscape, ANYWHERE!  His ability to give to others just because he knows it makes them happy!  i love you monkey.
9. my lil' hornet... well, i am thankful you are hornet-ish believe it or not. you keep us on our toes, keep us laughing and GUESSING and keep the guess work out of the "who did it?". thankful for your smile to melt my heart daily and allow me to forgive you for all you ALWAYS do,  i am thankful THIS YEAR for you breaking almost ALL our christmas decor, we needed to get rid of some anyway,  I am thankful you are so sweet and loving, thankful for your little voice who constantly calls my name "mama" and your need to make your own stand in life- charlie will call us mom and dad and you will ONLY call us mama and daddy and that is perfect!!!  Your constant hugs and kisses, adorable animal sounds (probably only cute to me and daddyc but we make you do this in front of everyone we see, sorry everyone!), your love of life and ability to light up a room where ever you roam. we love you sam!
10. lil' ranger, we are so thankful you are here to balance us with your wild but calm spirit.  Your ability to occupy yourself, adapt to any changes, go with the flow of your brothers, and your true love of our dogs.  i am thankful i am here with you and wonder sometimes how long you would cry if i didn't hold you most ALL day....You are such a blessing to us all, we are thankful to share your first thanksgiving together. i love you whitmore!
11. i am thankful for the girls in our lives:  MK, fighting a yucky time right now (i believe we will make it through this and i am pulling for you, you are so brave as monkey would say and i will be awaiting good news in a couple weeks not to mention a nervous wreck...dear MK, show me what you got- i don't know if i could keep your mom together alone!)...i couldn't miss you more and always bring a smile to my face thinking of your outgoing laughter, squeals in delight at most anything, adorable expressions, i could go on and on.. i am very thankful to have you in my life and CAN'T wait to take you to do girl things. esp. american girl lunch and store.  My nieces: Emma, Lucy, & Kate... so sweet-  Emma so quiet, so matter of fact, so honest (she and charlie went to a thanksgiving day at the club and to my question of "how was it guys" when picking them up... very calming angelic voice got the response "aunt amy, i think when y'all go back, i will go to mary grays to play- it was a little long!" and to that i had to hold back laughter- honesty is a great thing and i love a straight forward little girl, don't you? And to my up and coming niece, Caroline Elizabeth... I couldn't love you more, what a christmas gift i am getting.... I will be happy to get you here safe and sound and i am just going to say I was digging through lolly's house yesterday looking for tacky christmas sweaters and came across another beautiful gown with your name on it.... Caroline, what have you done right? (only kidding) i can't wait to put you in is something fabulous- i think its safe to say we are all ready for YOU and have been awaiting a baby girl to have and hold; on the lollar side of life anyway- i think on my smith side we have girls AND boys covered, ha! i have too many girls to be thankful for.... Kate Cotton, for making mine and my monkey's life complete and give us something to smile about each and everyday, i love you miss priss!, AA, how can you not?  i just love her innocent little being of having "jesus" with her each and everyday,  somedays even pretending to be Jesus, or sarah pat, or dressing a princess.  Little girls are truly edible!! i love too many to write about.

i am thankful for too too many things...i could go on and on..and on... i am thankful this minute for the boys sharing cereal, for my delivery of hot coffee, for my biggest baby choosing to stay with me (definition of Mama's boy) today instead of bear the cold game with the big boys (we will have a fun day monkey)

and OH! never to be forgotten.,,,, Allie aka. Miss Allie- who came to daddyc's side last week and "saved" his life ;)  or finger anyway.  Allie came into our lives about the same time, my mom got diagnosed with cancer and the hits from that were never ending for about a month...., she was there to see my lil' ranger through his newborn days, months, she was there three or four days a week all summer into fall to help me with my boys (she made getting through three boys 3 and under, building a house, and a sick mom seem easy easier) Although, i don't get my allie fix near enough anymore, only a couple times a week at most (this is when me and daddyc are out celebrating LIFE as mentioned above, ha!)  Allie has become a friend, she knows too much, i know too much, and i couldn't be more thankful for anyone these days! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

thanksgiving EVE, these boys dressed their part

i no longer wonder what happened to the donkey in the nativity scene, same thing that happened to the cow and baby Jesus, the santa claus milk cup, half of our dicken's village too...My lil' Hornet