Thursday, July 28, 2011

officially and UNofficially

from the mouth and mind of ME.
  • i busted my boys on our ROOF (climbed out the second story window....just when you think they are INside)
  • although, i love to dress up and be fancy...I can ASSURE you that mine or my plus one's ties are NOT tied TOO tight (so they say!)
  • my boys got in my car and ran the battery down for the THRID time THIS SUMMER.... yes, i was totally in the shower and didn't even know they were outside.... (say a little prayer) 
  • I was pretty sure i was CLEAR on the stay in the BACK yard or what they heard.... Lets jump on the 4 wheeler and take a spin around the church across the street...
  • Yes, i say my prayers everyday... Dear Lord (and mom), please watch over the boys as they are sometimes MORE than i can handle alone....
  • there are DAYS sometimes almost a week that i wish for a career OUT OF THE HOME and look forward to working again (yes, i really really really cherish the time i have with my babies)
  • i am pretty darn sure all my rowdy friends will NEVER settle down... I knew i loved them more than life itself.
  • i love my friends!
  • I love the boys in my life... ALL of them, my babies, better half, dad, brother and am proud of them each and everyone EVERY SINGLE day, they all amaze me and i honestly can't imagine life without them and them... oh, they can probably imagine the phone calls of "me" venting and whining ceasing but hey, i kinda think they'd miss me too????
  • i love to play in the woods, ride 4 wheelers, fish (at a fast pace... or shall i just drink and listen to good music while you fish.. ok, lets change that, i like to ride on a big boat with YOU, there thats better), i would be a hunter so to speak if it weren't so darn cold and early and just a wee bit boring, sorry i said it.
  • i love animals, not all equally though, i really just love dogs the most.   I don't like cats, i think they are sneaky and am secretly a little scared of them, they could pounce on me at anytime and scratch my eyes out.....
  • I think i hurt more for some people going through things and tough times life brings than they do
  • I am worried sick about my niece starting "big" school and almost caught myself in tears thinking about her today that she may cry her first day and will be honest i am glad i don't have to witness.... I pray she will prove me wrong and LOVE IT from the being... as i KNOW she will love it by month two....Adjustments are so hard!!!
  • really honestly think if my boys cried when i left them, that i would NOT ever go anywhere... we don't have any separation anxiety over here.  is that an insult?? wink wink
  • Charles, a.k.a daddyc, my plus one, and i LOVE to live life the best way we know how by celebrating anything and EVERYTHING that comes our way and ok'ing almost anything else that comes along... I kinda think we act 18, does this make us immature?  or fun loving?  
  • I kinda think after "girls" night last night, i may be a push over of a parent as i can fathom the idea of spanking my babies with a belt (rephrase that, i can't imagine allowing their daddy to "spank with a belt" but about how many spankings and how hard do you do it before its considered abuse, these end of summer days i know some of my fellow shoppers are wondering, ha!  i really should care more about disciplining in pubilc, i really should.....
  • It would be so fun to plan a get a way for me and my better half and whisk him away this fall... don't worry i already told him about it.... Shoot! must learn to keep secrets.
  • Found out about a dear friend's fetish of walking barefoot.. It reminded me of my mom who also did NOT walk around barefoot ANYWHERE which made me miss my mom even more.
  • i am so jealous of all my fellow mommy friends whose moms help them daily with decisions, KIDS, KIDS, have i mention breaks from kids... 
  • deep down really know i am a VERY strong person.... 
  • Didn't really know how to take daddyc's comment that the song "gun powder and lead" was quote/unquote my song?? hmmmm.
  • didn't feel like telling him that i blare that song at very very high decibels before waltzing in the cancer center for board meetings (is that what they call psyching yourself out?) I noticed i have a meeting this coming tuesday, wish me luck. i wish i could say i even a little bit enjoy it, I HATE IT!!!  but hope i am helping something, someone, somewhere.
  • I would be lying if i didn't admit to pushing all those type things to the back burner but think i am ready to be pro-active for my own boys-  first step testing, second step cutting mine off for some fake ones (this could be fun??!!! and way too emotional)
  • i am missing the counting crows.
  • i want to jump a plane to see a counting crows show AND a kenny chesney show too. rinse and repeat. won't you come with me?
  • My bank account is REALLY REALLY glad i have summered away from my home town....lets call it "fall" shopping for back to school??? want to?
  • i can NOT run without music.
  • i LOVE having all boys and I REALLY LOVE your little girl- drop her anytime.
  • Really question if there is a right place in the FRONT yard for a water feature, i personally think NO,... eeeeekkkk. but hey, don't worry i really admire yours, exception to the rule no dout. 
  • i am way to excited about football season, jeans, boots....
  • seriously think i was meant to live on water with access to a large/fast boat. Yes, my biggest baby gets this "want" honestly...
  • think that its about this time of year when i start complaining at how darn hot it is.  
  • think its kinda cute that my biggest baby's buddies ask to go hang out with our big daddy, i think its safe to say he is admired.
  • really am glad to have our mimi and her love of movies to take my boys; otherwise i am sure they would ever get the chance, as its just NOT my thing.... does it require sitting still?  shoot!  
  • i think it would have been fun to be single when the song "all the single ladies" was released
  • it tugs at my heart strings to pull onto the Auburn University campus, as i can't imagine ANYTHING more fun and why i WILL NOT, rinse and repeat,  coax my boys i secretly hope they attend the same college- is NOT paying for it considering coaxing if they chose something else?
  • have a love for funny people, confident people, great quotes, sayings, lines
  • i LOVE to hear a child laugh, it quite possibly be the best noise EVER heard
  • think its funny our friends make fun of how much we iron yet we NEVER looked pressed after the first minute..... Daddyc likes to say "we iron the boys skivvies" which i can assure you, WE DON'T....yet.....
  • i am ALMOST over the dressing the boys alike, i would like to think i know my limit but will admit the babies will be matching atleast another season.....
  • Good-Bye keds, smocked jon jons and rompers, good bye saddle oxfords,  i will miss you but its time to move on.   
  • Don't know what to think about my 5 year old asking where "his under armore" clothes are???  why i suppose they are still on the rack at the sporting goods store??  
  • I really hope to stick to my guns on making my 5 year old "dress" in collar shirts and "normal" shorts but feel weak like i may cave in, only time will tell.  And by MAKE i mean i lay his clothes out and he happily puts them on with NO question whatsoever. i knew i loved boys!  Afterall, it is just clothes right?  it doesn't really matter does it?  remind me of this please. 
  • kinda over this blog but don't think i will stop?  at what point do you stop scrap-booking your children's daily lives???
  • am confident enough to say i do not care what activities my boys chose to take in and hope to develop to each his own-  while i am signing up my 3 year old for gymnastics with his buddies (who doesn't love to jump in the foam pit, spring floor, and jump on trampolines?  can i go back to gymnastics team please?) and think its cute my 2 year old replied with "mama, NO nastics (thats gymnastics for you non-2 year olds) BASKETBALL, ME"  and yes, he still talks Indian like.... Me. GO. you get the idea.  And i too got it.  My 2 year old would rather be caught dead than in the gym doing gymnastics.... whatever floats their boats, right? but really, he could use some coordination if we are being honest here.
I will stop my rant here.   quick thoughts by me while Mimi has my biggest and my little ones have dozed off (WHAT? i know, it doesn't happen much...hardly ever!) Enjoy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

too much of a good a GOOD THING!

Happy Monday! i hope you have something wonderful in store.   I have cooking in store, that is a thing of the past that my family hopes i can bring back....sooner than later, wink wink.   With summer travels i think my "want" to cook has been traveling too, WITHOUT me!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

concluding our summer travels

well, just like that our summer is almost over... school starts soon, sniff sniff.
we do have ONE MORE trip ADULTS only and i am only a wee bit excited about..... stay tuned.
i can't believe how very fast the summer months have gone by... I am sad to see them go but as always more fun is just around the corner and i try my best not to look back.....
 our crazy parrot friends were dancing to the music this trip....

 i'll have to admit, we lost our "f" and lamby lovies in between our vacations and i made NO ATTEMPT to find them, did not waste a minute and amazingly they too were a- ok without them and never mentioned them at all.... Oh. and jack (charlie's bunny) has been vacationing at our uncle chris' house for a couple weeks now.... 
but.... when we loaded up for the beach last week, there they were underneath the back seat... crazy lovies!!!... (jack, oh, he is still hanging with uncle chris for now which is just fine because charlie is still at the beach with our big daddy!!!! )  i think it is safe to say, we don't "need" them, but they are so comforting at times, wink wink.

 my biggest baby suited up one night to zip line over the lagoon.... no fear!!!

good times.  we rolled in, just in time to get daddyc off the golf course and to a fancy dinner party!