Tuesday, May 8, 2012

hats off....

we placed our bets... some on horses... other bets on how many cocktails one could consume in a given 12 hours.... SUCCESS!!!!
 margaritas in a mint julep cup... YES please!!!!

 Entertainment for days.... And a little music on the side!
 Daddyc, a.k.a. my better half stressing over the bets.... shoot, who are we kidding throw the money in the pot and get back to drinkn'... which i may add started rather early.... when ole' college buddies stop by and memories start flooding thru... i can't help but loosen up the my tie (and just to bring everyone up to speed, mine and my better half's ties ARE NOT TOO WHITE....  come to think of it, they may not even be beige..... lets call them COLORFUL!!!!)  Anyway, our down home friends choice of stories etc. choice of words, choice of actions, choice of stopping by (THANK YOU!) remind me to unstuff my attitude if you will..... Unwind, you have but ONE LIFE... And as God as my witness, it may be a short one for those we love the most.....  As for me and my plus one, we would like to THINK we "STILL GOT IT".....eeekkkk! and our fellow late nighters (thanks for NO pics of those hours) may feel deeply sorry for us, but hey, we like to have a good time and the best part is we could not care LESS what anyone thinks!   Cheers.  We LOVE to pretend to bring our A game.

 seriously, no joke, i wore the necklace i work out in, a beach hat from 10 years back and didn't re-shower after ball park baseball.   WAR EAGLE!!!!  

 Dear kaylea, I am just kinda mad..... I missed my front row partner in crime late night but your hubby held up a pretty good court for you both, wink wink.  I have HIGH EXPECTATIONS SOONER rather than later.  

yes, my plus one is doting TWO glasses... that is about par for our night!  
Hats off to Derby Day!!!

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