Friday, May 25, 2012

Growing pains

Well.... It is time. Their growing causes this mama heart pain.... I am so sad kindergarten is over! My boys are big before I had time to turn around and last night as we conclude our years of kindergarten and mothers day out year, daddyc took two outta three boys to get ice cream as requested the last ranger stayed by his mamas side; he snapped a picture to text me of those edible messy faces and I quote
( from my 6 year old). " dad, where are you sending that?"
Charles: "to mommy!"
Charlie: " phew! Just as long as it doesn't get put on Facebook!"

Seriously? I guess it is time to end this chapter and not broadcast my little Indian's days. And time for me to use my time more wisely... In the yard with THEM. blogging has been fun but I can't help but notice the boys growing left and right and how blogging is now becoming a chore so that is all folks.

It's a wrap!

( sorry the past months pics didn't upload in due time..... If need updates and visuals on "us". Come on over... Come to our window).

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